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Chloe and Cashew — June 5, 2023

Chloe and Cashew

~ Chloe and Cashew ~

Just over a year ago, Chloe and Cashew met for the first time. Since then, they have become inseparable and have helped each other hugely. 

In early 2022, Chloe wanted to welcome a furry friend into her life. After some searching, she came across a sweet puppy on the Saving Hope Foundation website. She quickly arranged a meeting with a small pup who had the biggest puppy dog eyes.

The puppy, soon-to-be-named Cashew, was found severely unwell, as were his siblings. As he was so sick, sadly, the Saving Hope Foundation were unsure if he would survive the trip to meet Chloe. He and his siblings had been found with mange, bone breaks, and were severely malnourished. Thankfully, due to the care of Saving Hope and their vets, the puppies pulled through

When the puppies were feeling better, they moved into their foster home, where Chloe had a chance to meet them. She loved all of the, but Cashew was more reserved and so was a better fit for Chloe’s life as a kitten fosterer. It was then that she knew that this pup had found his forever home with her.

Prior to adopting Cashew, many of Chloe’s loved ones expressed concern about her getting a Staffy mix. Due to the stigma attached to Staffies and Bully breeds, many were worried that Cashew may be a big and aggressive dog. However, having had him for just over a year now, everyone who expressed concern has absolutely fallen in love with him. 

Having Cashew has helped Chloe immensely. When she adopted him, she had been struggling with her mental health. Cashew gave his new human a purpose and encouraged her to go outside and get fresh air every day. Now, they love going on adventures together and Cashew has even reignited Chloe’s passion for photography. Whenever they’re out exploring somewhere new, Chloe enjoys taking photos of her furry friend living his best life. 

Other than going on adventures and exploring new places, Chloe and Cashew enjoy spending time together. Cashew is a very snuggly dog and is more than happy to spend most of his time cuddled up to his human. As well as this, he absolutely loves playing fetch and could happily do this for hours! 

It’s obvious just how much they have changed each other’s lives. Through thick and thin, they have been there for one another, bringing endless joy and unconditional love into each and every day. 

Hannah and Leo — June 1, 2023

Hannah and Leo

~ Hannah and Leo ~

Fifteen years ago, Hannah met Leo, a sweet little Tibeten Spaniel. Since then, they have become the best of friends and have been there for each other through thick and thin. 

Throughout their 15 years together, Hannah and Leo have supported each other through many ups and downs. From moving house, Hannah’s studies, to keeping one another company during the Covid-19 lockdowns, and more, the unconditional love they share has helped get them through so much. 

Not only has Leo had a big impact on Hannah, but also many others. Hannah works as a psychotherapist, which can mean some of her clients may become quite stressed. One day, she decided to bring Leo into work with her, and has now become an emotional support dog for those who may need a bit of extra comfort. This sometimes takes the form him distracting everyone with his snoring or him going up and snuggling someone. He helps many people feel more calm and at ease.

When they’re not at work, Hannah and Leo love their daily walks and, on occasion, zoomies. Every morning, as the sun rises, they walk across their local beach and just appreciate each other’s company. At home, they enjoy simply snuggling up together and reading a good book. 

The bond that Hannah and Leo share is truly special. They have been there for one another through thick and thin and have changed each other’s lives hugely. 

Talofa and Magic — May 29, 2023

Talofa and Magic

~ Talofa and Magic ~

Five years ago, Talofa met Magic, a lovely Pitbull mix. In the time since then, they have formed a special bond and bring love and joy into each day. 

In 2018, a dog of one of Talofa’s colleagues had puppies. They had sold all but one, and upon meeting the pup, Talofa instantly fell in love with him. Then and there, she had no doubt that this was the pup for her and named him Magic. 

Having Magic has had a huge impact on Talofa’s life. They go everywhere together (provided it’s dog-friendly, of course!) and enjoy meeting new people while out and about. When Talofa is having a difficult day or is feeling a bit down, Magic is always right there to cheer her up and never fails to make her laugh. He listens to her when she needs to talk, and is an amazing companion for her. 

Since adopting Magic, Talofa has made it her mission to help people better understand pitbull breeds. Magic is a gentle giant and is an absolute goofball. While some people may initially be afraid of him, they very quickly learn that he has a big heart! Both him and Talofa help to reduce the stigma and help people to better understand these breeds. 

Something that Talofa and Magic enjoy doing is going on adventures and exploring new places. Doing this helps Talofa discover more of her surroundings, to be more active and bond more with her furry friend. 

The impact that Magic has had on Talofa has been huge. They have helped each other through so much and continue to bring endless love and joy into every single day. 

Linda and Gina — May 25, 2023

Linda and Gina

~ Linda and Gina ~

Two years ago, Linda first met Georgina ‘Gina’ Ginger Knickers, a beautiful calico kitten. In the time since then, they have formed a special bond and have impacted each other hugely. As well as this, Gina has also had a book written about her journey. 

In 2021, Linda received a call from Laura Cook of Found-a-Feline cat rescue. Someone had found a small fluffy calico kitten living alone on the streets and contacted the rescue. Before trapping the kitten, Laura called Linda to ask if she could be a potential foster when and if she caught her. 

Initially, Linda was unsure as a week before this she, sadly, lost her beloved cat, George. She didn’t know if she was ready to bond with another cat so soon after George’s passing. However, when she received the call about the kitten being caught and meeting her an hour later, Linda couldn’t say no. It was love at first sight and there was no doubt in her mind that this kitten, whom she named Georgina in honour of George, was about to become a foster fail.

George’s passing was heartbreaking for everyone, Linda, her husband and their eight other cats – Callie, Judi, Candy, Vlad, Moppy, Poddy, Quaddy, Phoenix. Linda felt that she’d never be happy again. As well as this, Callie was also heartbroken. They had a close bond and had their own unique routine together. George would spend most of the day outside and return at 4 pm, where Callie would meet him to hear about his day. After he passed away, Callie would wait at the same door at the same time, waiting for him. With Gina there, she quickly formed a bond with Callie and was able to cheer her up by playing with their favourite toys, doing zoomies or just snuggling up together. 

Having Gina helped to mend their hearts. Her kitten energy and curiosity – and ongoing quest for bacon – brought a newfound joy to Linda’s home. Helping Gina to adjust to her new life and showing her that humans weren’t all bad was a welcome distraction to Linda. Everyone fell in love with Gina and she fell in love with her new family. Gina has also been a great sisfur to her kitty siblings and has helped to welcome a new foster fail, Purrdy, with open paws. 

Not long after adopting Gina did Linda start sharing posts about her on social media. Through this, Linda shared posts about the daily life of Gina through Gina’s perspective. This has often entailed her search for bacon, as well as her day-to-day life and challenges, such as late breakfasts, negotiating who gets to sleep on the bed, and much more. Their social media pages have become a source of positivity and joy for people – and their cats – all over the world. 

This has also inspired Linda and Gina to share their story as a book, ‘The Journal of Agent Gina Ginger Knickers.’ The book details Gina’s adoption story and how she found her way into Linda’s life. It has been sold all over the world and has been quite a success! If you would like your own copy, you can contact Linda at or on Amazon. I highly recommend you read it!!

The impact that Gina has had on Linda has been huge. Every day has been made a bit brighter, simply because they have one another. They have changed each other’s lives immeasurably and will continue to bring love and joy into their lives as well as the lives of others through Gina’s adventures. 

Lauren and Winnie — May 22, 2023

Lauren and Winnie

~ Lauren and Winnie ~

A few years ago, Lauren met Winston for the first time. Since then, they have had a huge impact on each other’s lives and bring strength, love and joy into every single day. 

In 2021, Lauren was contacted by a rescue to take in a four-week-old pup. He had been born with deformed legs and needed someone to provide him with special care. Immediately, she said yes. Two and a half weeks later, the puppy, Winston, was welcomed into his forever home. 

Having Winston, or Winnie, has had a huge impact on Lauren. While he may face additional challenges, he has never let this slow him down or prevent him from living his best life. Seeing this is inspiring to Lauren, he encourages her to live her life to the fullest while also ensuring to provide her canine companion with everything he could need to thrive. 

Since adopting Winnie, Lauren has become a passionate advocate for animals with disabilities. Through their social media platforms, they help support others with animals who have disabilities, as well as help people to learn about what it means. Lauren and Winnie often hold meet and greets, as well as speak at events to help educate as many people as possible. It’s important to Lauren for people to know that Winnie and other animals with disabilities are able to life a full and happy life. Winnie is proof of this in that he can often be seen doing zoomies in his ‘Winmobile’, playing with friends and spending time with his loved ones. 

Every day is made better, simply because Lauren and Winnie have one another. They have supported each other through thick and thin. Their lives have been changed immeasurably for the better. 

Nic and Max — May 18, 2023

Nic and Max

~ Nic and Max ~

Over sixteen years ago, Nic met Max, a Cavoodle, for the first time. Since then, they have formed a truly special bond and have changed each other’s lives for the better. 

In 2006, Nic’s husband was in the army. She felt lonely and wished she had someone to keep her company while her husband was away. So, she decided it was time to adopt a furry friend! As someone who often travelled, Nic was looking to adopt a smaller dog who could accompany her. After some searching, she came across a pup online who was looking for his new home. It took a bit of persuasion but, with some help, Nic convinced her husband to adopt the pup, Max, and a few weeks later she welcomed Max into her home.

Through thick and thin, Nic and Max have been there for each other. From Nic’s husband being deployed, the Christchurch earthquakes, two house builds, and sicknesses such as covid and swine flu, they have helped one another hugely through it all. As well as this, Nic struggles with chronic migraines and endometriosis which can impact her daily life. Max has helped his human through everything, simply by being his loving, playful self. 

When things have been tough for Nic due to health reasons, she loves having Max there for her. She ensures to take him out every day for a walk, rain or shine, and if she is unable to, makes sure that someone can take him out. Nic wants her furbaby to have the best life possible, and does all she can to give him that. 

In early 2023, Max experienced a stroke. Nic was terrified and heartbroken about what this could have meant for her canine companion. Thankfully, he recovered, however, it made Nic slow down and appreciate the time she gets with Max. No matter what, she treasures every moment she gets with her furbaby. It also meant a lot to her that they had so much support from her friends and family, it showed her how much Max has impacted everyone he has met. 

Something that Nic and Max enjoy doing is spending time together. As Max is a bit older now, they don’t have as many adventures as they once did, however, this has helped Nic to be more mindful and take a moment to breathe when she needs to. When they’re up to it, they often go out in with Max in his little buggy or a nice walk if he feels like it. 

Not only has Max impacted Nic, but also her family and friends. Last year, Nic’s parents sadly lost their dog, Charlie. Monday to Friday, Max spends time with them, and having him there never fails to make their day. Friends and family love keeping up with Max as he has become such a big part of so many of their lives. 

The impact that Nic and Max have had on one another has been huge. They have helped each other through so much and bring endless happiness, joy and love into every single day.

Katie and Bentley — May 15, 2023

Katie and Bentley

~ Katie and Bentley ~

Just under two years ago, Katie met Bentley, her heart dog. Since then, they have become inseparable and have changed each other’s lives hugely. 

Before her 22nd birthday, Katie was looking to adopt a puppy. Initially, having loved 101 Dalmatians growing up, she was looking to find a sweet little Dalmatian pup. However, after being unable to find any, she took a pause from searching. Then, came across a painting of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and fell in love. Katie then started her search for a Cavalier pup and, several months later, finally met her soon-to-be canine companion, Bentley. 

As soon as Katie met Bentley, there was no doubt in her mind that this was the perfect furry friend for her. Once they were home, Katie was in awe that this playful, loving and sweet little boy was all hers. 

Unfortunately, two months after welcoming Bentley into her life did Katie’s relationship take an awful turn. It became abusive and toxic, both for Katie and Bentley. It was a very harrowing situation for them both. Seeing how much it was affecting her furry friend, Katie gathered all her strength for them both to leave the relationship for a better, safer life. 

The days, weeks and months following this were difficult, however, knowing that she had Bentley by her side meant the world to Katie. Every day, he would wake her up for his breakfast, need to be walked twice per day, and time to play, but above all, Katie wanted him to be happy. He would encourage her to leave the house, to socialise with his doggie friends, and so much more. Having him there continues to give her a purpose and motivation to this day. 

Having Bentley has evidently had a huge impact on Katie. On days that have been tough, he has never failed to brighten his human’s day or provide her with lots of comforting cuddles. As well as this, Katie’s family have also fallen in love with Bentley.

Something that Katie and Bentley enjoy is going on adventures. Whether going somewhere new, walking a new route, going for a swim, meeting friends (humans and doggos), chasing things he discovers while out walking, or going on a family trip. Wherever they go, whether out and about or at home, simply being together means the world to them both. 

The bond that Katie and Bentley share is truly special. They have been there for one another through thick and thin. Every day, they bring endless joy and unconditional love into each other’s lives.

Deanna, Scott, Nicole and Scooby — May 11, 2023

Deanna, Scott, Nicole and Scooby

~ Deanna, Scott, Nicole and Scooby ~

Just under three years ago, Deanna, Scott and Nicole met Scooby. Since then, they have become a family and have impacted each other’s lives hugely. 

In December 2020, Deanna, Scott and Nicole lost their elderly dog to cancer. They were heartbroken and there was a big hole in their hearts and their family. Their house felt quiet and Deanna, Scott and Nicole felt lost. 

Not long after losing their dog did Deanna and Scott come across the Shorty’s Rescue social media page. At the time, the whole world was in lockdown due to Covid-19, so, she met with the rescue via video chat. She learnt that there was a dog named Maria at the rescue who was pregnant when she was found. Maria had a litter of ten puppies and, while meeting with them through video chats, Deanna fell in love with one particular puppy. In January 2021, Deanna, Scott and Nicole met with the pup and knew he was the one and named him Scooby. 

The same day that Deanna, Scott and Nicole adopted Scooby, they decided to start an Instagram account for him. They wanted to share photos of him with friends and family during the Covid-19 lockdowns. Doing this brought them all much closer together. Slowly, their page grew and they became part of a wider community of dog parents. 

Having their own page has also inspired them to become advocates for animal safety. It’s important to Deanna, Scott and Nicole to educate people about bully breeds, as well as animal care and welfare. As well as this, it has helped them feel less alone. They are able to offer tips and advice for dog parents, as well as receive support when they need it, too. 

Something that Deanna, Scott, Nicole and Scooby enjoy is simply spending time together. Scooby loves snuggles and giving kisses to his humans. He also has an affinity for being a model and posing in his bandanas, PJs and bathrobes. Not only this, but having Scooby in their lives has helped his family hugely. They love going on car trips and exploring new places as a family.

The impact that Scooby has had on Deanna, Scott and Nicole has been huge. Each day, he brings endless joy and love into their lives, and they ensure he is living his best life. Every day is made better simply because they have one another. 

Carrie and Benji — May 8, 2023

Carrie and Benji

~ Carrie and Benji ~

About two years ago, Carrie welcomed Benji, a three-year-old Corgi, into her home. Since then, they have become the best of friends and have improved each other’s lives hugely. 

In late 2021, while browsing online, Carrie came across a three-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, named Benji, looking for a home. At the time, she was living with Possum, her elderly Border Collie, and didn’t want to cause any stress by adopting a puppy. So, when she came across Benji, she felt he was perfect, being a few years old and fit well with Carrie’s lifestyle.

Once she saw the listing, Carrie decided to inquire about the dog and, a couple of months later, she was on her way to pick Benji up from the airport. When Carrie met Benji, she knew it was meant to be. Initially, he was a bit nervous, but once he was home, he showed his true colours – an energetic and affectionate pup! He and Possum also enjoyed relaxing and spending time together. 

Sadly, in early 2022, Possum passed away. Carrie was devastated and heartbroken. However, Benji was an amazing companion to his human. He stuck to her side and never left, especially if she was upset or crying. When she’s upset, Benji will always sit on Carrie and snuggle her until she’s feeling a bit better. 

Having Benji has been life-changing for Carrie. He helped her with the loss of Possum, and has brought joy into each day since meeting. Benji is full of beans and is a little ray of sunshine. Whenever Carrie is having a tough day, she knows her furry friend will be right there for her. He also reminds his human to enjoy the smaller things in life. From watching birds, to meeting different people when going for a walk, to playing with his toys, he encourages Carrie to be mindful and appreciate everything happening in the present. 

Not only has Benji impacted Carrie’s life, but also those around them. When out and about, whether at a cafe, going for a walk, or anywhere else, they meet many new friends who are always excited to meet Benji. As with Carrie, he never fails to bring a bit of joy to those they run into. 

Something that Carrie and Benji enjoy doing is going to their favourite places – the river and the park! Doing this allows Carrie to have a break away from her busy day-to-day life and to enjoy being in the moment and watching her furry friend enjoy life. 

The impact that Benji has had on Carrie has been huge. He has been there for his human through thick and thin, and she has helped him to flourish and given him the life he deserves.

Krysten, Little Buddy and Aster Rose — May 4, 2023

Krysten, Little Buddy and Aster Rose

~ Krysten, Little Buddy and Aster Rose ~

Some years ago, Krysten met Little Buddy for the first time. Shortly after, Aster Rose joined their family. Since then, they have formed a truly special bond and bring joy and love into each day. 

For as long as she can remember, Krysten has always been an animal lover. One day, her sister sent through an adoption profile of a double merle Miniature Australian Shepherd who had been born both blind and deaf. Krysten felt an instant connection and decided to meet with this dog. The day she met him was the same day he found his forever home and was named Little Buddy. There was no doubt in her mind that this was her perfect companion.

During the Covid-19 lockdowns, Krysten was thankful to have had Little Buddy with her. It was a scary and lonely time, but having her furry friend made it easier. He provided his human with support and endless laughter as well as reminding her that she wasn’t alone. 

As everything began to reopen following the lockdown, Krysten came across another double merle Australian Shepherd on the social media page of a local rescue. The dog was also born blind and deaf and reminded Krysten a lot of Little Buddy. She decided to apply to adopt her. That same week, Krysten welcomed her second canine companion, whom she named Aster Rose, into her home. 

Having Little Buddy and Aster Rose has impacted Krysten’s life hugely. As someone who works from home, Krysten enjoys having the company of her furbabies. They make her feel better when she’s feeling down and make all the good times even better. 

Something that Krysten and Little Buddy enjoy doing is going on adventures. They have travelled to different states, stayed in hotels, met many new friends and helped educate others about animals with disabilities. Aster Rose isn’t quite as keen on adventures, but she’s slowly enjoying travelling more and more. When not out and about, Krysten loves sitting outside and reading a book as Little Buddy and Aster Rose play in the backyard. 

Since adopting Little Buddy and Aster Rose, Krysten has become a passionate advocate for animals with disabilities. She uses their page and platform to show people that animals with disabilities can and do live happy and full lives. Their disabilities don’t stop them from having their best life and sharing this with the world means a lot to Krysten.

The impact that Little Buddy and Aster Rose have had on Krysten has been incredible. They have helped each other through thick and thin and have brought endless joy and unconditional love into every single day.