~ Jen and Streusel ~

In September of 2020, Jen met her beautiful companion, Streusel. Streusel and Jen have formed a very strong bond in the time they have lived with one another. It’s one that will only continue to grow. 

Streusel, an African Pygmy Hedgehog, met her human, Jen, in an unexpected way! Her twin brother was to be adopted by Jen until the breeder detected he may have health issues. It was meant to be. Usually, the breeder has waiting lists that last for months, however, Streusel was there and it was love at first sight. The moment she held her, she knew that Streusel would be coming home.  

Having Streusel has given Jen a lot of happiness. 7 months before adopting Streusel, Jen faced job loss and uncertainty as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. Being a theatre actress, job opportunities faded quickly. It was difficult for Jen, until Streusel took the spotlight. 

No matter what is going on in Jen’s life, Streusel never fails to bring a smile to Jen’s face. Whether she is happily eating, snuggling up to Jen, or just being her usual hedgehog self, she can always brighten Jen’s day. Although it was a challenge at first, Jen and Streusel have fallen into a lovely routine with one another.  

Jen is mindful of Streusel being a naturally nocturnal animal, and so they spend a lot of time together in the evenings. Often they enjoy playing, but mostly enjoy snuggle time, and Streusel is always keen for her next meal!

Recently, Jen went for a 10-day trip to Utah. This was a difficult time for her as she had not been away from Streusel that long before. Jen had previously set up some live cameras in Streusel’s house so she could see her, even while she was away.  

While watching the footage, Jen noticed Streusel would come out around the time they would normally have snuggle time. This meant a lot to Jen as it showed her just how much their bond meant to both her and Streusel. Once Jen returned home, Streusel was ecstatic to see her. Streusel enjoyed reuniting with her human and was very happy to shower Jen with snuggles and affection.  

Both Jen and Streusel enjoy their evenings together.  They relax on the couch together, while Jen watches a movie or program, Streusel likes to snuggle into the hood of whatever hoodie Jen might be wearing.  One of Jen’s favourite things to do with Streusel is giving her tummy rubs.  Once they have finished their time together, Streusel goes back to her house and has some snacks as she prepares for a night of play and running on her wheel.  Although during this time, Jen goes to sleep, she is still able to watch Streusel through the live camera feed, ensuring that Streusel is happy and healthy. 

Not only has Streusel improved Jen’s life, but she has also impacted friends and family, too.  They are always very excited to see Streusel whenever they can.  During Christmas in 2020, Jen sent out a custom holiday card featuring her and Streusel playing dreidel.  This brought a smile to every single person who received one.  Jen often refers to Streusel as being a ‘hog of the people’.  

The bond between Jen and Streusel is a very special one.  It is evident how much happiness Streusel brings to Jen and everyone else around them.  Having Streusel has also introduced Jen to a new community of other hedgehog lovers and owners.  The two bring out the best in one another and the love between them is obvious, simply by how they look at one another.