~ S’mores ~

Almost 2 years ago, S’mores found his forever home.  His human fell in love with him, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. 

In October of 2019, Smores’ human found him online.  Wanting to adopt a hedgehog, they did an internet search.  Soon enough, they spotted a baby male hedgehog and wanted to know more.  

Unfortunately, it seemed as though this hedgehog had not been well looked after in his short life.  After a while, it was decided this was the hedgehog they wanted to adopt.  Once they went to meet the previous owners, there was no doubt they would be leaving without this hedgehog, with a new name – S’mores.

It was a difficult beginning for S’mores and his new human.  As S’mores hadn’t been properly handled and was neglected, he was very scared and hostile.  His human didn’t even get to see his face at all, apart from when he uncurled to eat.  

Despite S’mores’ challenges, his human knew they were meant to be together.  They spent months handling S’mores, trying to gain trust, and more.  Gradually, S’mores started to open up.  Earlier this year, he sat on his human’s lap for the first time, which was a big step for both of them.  The challenges they’ve both faced together to get where they now have only brought them closer.  

Not only has S’mores’ life improved, but his human has become much happier.  Simply having his company, seeing his cute little face and more, has given his human so much happiness.  On days when it might be difficult, S’mores can always bring a bit of sunshine to a clouded day.  

Due to the amazing effect, S’mores has had, his human has been inspired to start their own hedgehog business – Hugs and Thistles.  Here, they sell products for hedgehogs, and other animals, such as hats, snack bags, toys and more!  Of course, S’mores helps too in testing and modelling the products. 

Both S’mores and his human enjoy simply being in each other’s company.  His human loves when S’mores curls up in their lap as it has taken a lot to get to this point.  They have worked very hard to show S’mores that he can feel safe and comfortable in his home.  While he still has his moments of distrust, he has come such a long way since day one. 

The bond between S’mores and his human is amazing.  It is evident how much they have both helped one another.  S’mores has flourished and his human has gained so much happiness.  The love and care they have for each other is incredible.