~ Fur Child Supply Co ~

In 2019, the Fur Child Supply Co. was founded.  Fur Child Supply Co. is a New Zealand business that makes accessories for dogs.  From car seats to bike baskets, bandanas to poo bag holders, they wanted to make these products accessible to any dog owner.  

Founder, Caitlyn, felt there was a big gap in the market for quality and eco-friendly accessories for dogs.  As she couldn’t find any in New Zealand, she decided to do something about it, inspiring the creation of Fur Child Supply Co.  

Since starting the business, Fur Child Supply Co. has become a business that brings joy to customers.  All products are high quality and eco-friendly, as well as having a wide variety of designs!  All items are tested out by their CDEO (chief dog executive officer), Fin, to ensure they are of the best quality.  As well as this, they collaborate with different organisations to raise funds, such as for Rainbow Youth, Pet Refuge and more.  It shows how much compassion goes into this business.  

Each product is hand-made for you and your dog.  You can even request customised products, such as a bandana with your doggo’s name on it!  Or you can go out with your dog in style with a lovely new leash or collar (or even both), of which there are many different designs.  There are even products for humans, including t-shirts, hoodies, and more.  There is truly something for everyone to enjoy.  

The business itself has grown and acquired a large community of dog lovers.  As part of Fur Child Supply Co., Caitlyn has formed a Brunch Club.  This is a monthly event in Hamilton where dogs and their humans can all get together.  Fur Child Supply Co. hopes to create more dog-friendly spaces in New Zealand cafes and restaurants by doing this.  Since the first event, it has been a great success.  

The Brunch Club has been a great way for dogs and humans alike to meet up and, of course, enjoy some yummy food!  In 2019, they held a special event where humans and their dogs could enjoy a movie together at a cinema.  Of course, this was Secret Life of Pets 2.  It was something that was immensely enjoyed by the 211 guests who attended, plus two news crews!  

One of the best things for Fur Child Supply Co. is seeing their products and gear out and about.  It motivates them to continue designing and creating new things to be enjoyed by both dogs and humans.  Through this business, Fur Child Supply Co. have created a loving and positive community.  Whether sharing a post or purchasing something from their online store, any support is greatly appreciated.  

Fur Child Supply Co. is an amazing business.  Not only do they create products for humans and dogs, but they do so much for their community and obviously have so much passion for the work they do.  If you’re looking for some new accessories for your dog (or yourself!) then make sure to check out Fur Child Supply Co!