~ Share My Pet ~

In 2018, Share My Pet launched. Share My Pet is a community within New Zealand where pet owners can find some extra companionship and meet new friends. As well as this, it allows animal lovers without pets to be able to connect with other people’s pets and enjoy some quality time with an animal.

Three years ago, Lili and her husband Dave, wanted to enrich the lives of other pet parents. Their own fur babies, Miss Muppet, Snout and Elfie, became a source of love and happiness. Lili and Dave wanted to share this with other pet owners and to strengthen the bonds within the community, for both humans and animals.   

Lili has always been passionate about animals. She has always wanted to work with animals and creating Share My Pet has allowed her to do this, as well as spreading positivity. Her fur babies have given her so much in life: comfort, love, support and happiness. It was because of this, she decided to give back to them, as well as the many other amazing pets. Because of this, she created Share My Pet. 

The friendships that have flourished through Lili’s work has meant the most. Through nurturing these bonds, Lili and Dave have a much richer life. They have made new friends, enjoyed new experiences, and have seen first-hand the happiness of bringing people and pets together.  

The response to Share My Pet has been huge. People with pets can connect with others, find support, and be part of a kind, animal-loving community. Many people and animals have new made friends, found pet-sitters, advice, and so much more.  

With Lili and Dave’s guidance, it has only grown since 2018 and now has over 2,000 members. Share My Pet collaborate with companies and held events to further grow their community. They have shared stories, brought people and animals together, and have really helped form friendships, all through Share My Pet. 

Having seen how much of an impact Share Your Pet has had, Lili and Dave hope it continues to grow, both throughout New Zealand and worldwide. They have such a passion to help create and foster new relationships. It’s this love that motivates them to continue their work. They introduce people to new friends, animals to the best temporary carer when needed, and more.    

Through Share My Pet, Lili has worked in many different areas. However, her favourite thing to do is pet match-making. This is where she reads profiles of members and can make the best connection. Not only this, but she learns about many different people and their pets, welcomes them into the animal-loving community, and much more.  

The love and passion that both Lili and Dave have for the animal community is so strong. They share the special bonds that pet parents have and introduce others to their own fur baby. If you want to meet a new furry friend, find an animal carer, or just want to spend time with some animals, go check out Share My Pet and set up your own profile now.