~ Rebecca and Ori ~

Three years ago, Rebecca adopted blue and gold Macaw, Ori. Since then, they have become the best of friends and, through Ori’s social media pages, bring joy to everyone around them. 

In 2019, Rebecca heard of a Macaw named Ori looking for a new home. His first family loved him dearly but, unfortunately, due to health issues, they couldn’t keep him. As soon as Rebecca heard this, she jumped at the chance to adopt him and was thrilled when this was approved. 

It took some time for Rebecca to learn how best to care for Ori as he was much bigger than any bird she had owned. However, after a lot of work and patience, they began to trust one another. She learnt all she could about parrots in order to give her new feathered friend the best life she could. It took some time, but Rebecca is thankful to have gained Ori’s trust and friendship. 

Before adopting Ori, Rebecca sadly lost her heart bird, Rintja. This was devastating for Rebecca. She felt lost, heartbroken and struggled to face each day. Once Ori arrived in her life, little by little, she found happiness in each day and had a purpose. This has helped Rebecca hugely and allowed her to slowly heal. 

Rebecca and Ori love training. From flight training to trick training, having this time strengthens this bond and helps build their trust in each other. In doing this, they both have gained confidence in themselves and better understand one another. 

The love that Rebecca and Ori share is truly special. They have changed each other’s lives for the better and continue to fill every day with a bit of sunshine.