~ Mel and Tai Lung ~

Three years ago, Mel met Tai Lung, a sweet pup looking for his forever home. In the time since, they have formed such a strong bond. 

In 2019, Mel was looking to adopt a dog. She decided to go to the Auckland Puppy Rescue and meet with the puppies there. While looking, she met an adorable white 3-month-old puppy. He was quite timid but, when Mel saw him, she knew he had a lot of love to give and adopted him then and there and named him Tai Lung, from Kung Fu Panda. 

Having Tai Lung, or Tai for short, has helped Mel hugely. No matter what, he can always brighten his human’s day. Each day, he encourages Mel to be more active and appreciate the smaller things in life. As well as this, Mel has introduced Tai to other dogs to help with socialisation, and to other people so they feel less anxious around dogs. 

Something that Mel and Tai love doing is spending time and exploring new places together. From running off-lead, running with his adoptive brother, Poh, at their family farm and at the beach, and even kayaking, having this time to spend with each other is always treasured. Kayaking especially is fun for them both, as Tai is happy to just sit with Mel and enjoy his surroundings. 

The bond that Mel and Tai Lung have is so special. They share endless joy and love with each other every single day. And every day is made better, simply by having one another.