~ Courteney, Benjamin, Sunny and Lilly ~

Four years ago, Courteney welcomed Benjamin into her life. Not long after, she adopted longhair Chihuahua, Sunny. Then last, but certainly not least, Lilly joined their family. Since then, they have improved each other’s lives greatly. 

Sadly, in 2018, Courteney’s red Burmese cat, Rowan, passed away. She was devastated. Then, on New Year’s Day 2019, they met Benjamin, a Tabby Point Birman. Instantly, she and her husband fell in love with this confident kitty and knew he would be a perfect fit for them. It wasn’t long before he became the king of his new home. Having him helped to heal his new humans’ broken hearts. 

In April of that same year, following the loss of Courteney’s Chocolate Point Birman cat, Beau, Courteney met Sunny through the NZ Chihuahua Rescue. As with Benjamin, Sunny came to her after a devastating loss, but he helped her through it. Initially, it took some time for Sunny to adjust to his new home, however, now he is absolutely thriving. 

Some months later, while at work, a small kitten wandered into Courteney’s vet clinic. The kitten was covered in tangles and was very hungry. As soon as Courteney looked into the kitten’s bright green eyes, she knew that this kitten had found her forever home and was named Lilly. Since bringing her home, her health improved hugely and she has flourished with her new family. Courteney feels that Lilly was sent to her by Beau, as a way of letting her know he’s still watching over her. 

Having Benjamin, Sunny and Lilly has impacted Courteney’s life hugely. They all arrived in her life during times of loss and health issues and have helped her through it all. During these difficult times, each of her companions has provided her with a purpose and has been a source of unconditional love. Because of the impact they have had on Courteney, she has made it her mission to be an advocate for all animals and help them through her work as a veterinary nurse for over six years. 

Something that Courteney, Benjamin, Sunny and Lilly enjoy is simply spending time together. Sunny often accompanies his human to work, on car trips and even going for walkies. When spending time with Benjamin, he and Courteney work on all kinds of tricks together, from ‘sit’ to ‘speak’ and even ‘high-five’! After a busy or stressful day, Courteney loves cuddling up with Lilly, who is always happy to be petted and snuggled.

The impact that Benjamin, Sunny and Lilly have had on Courteney has been immeasurable. They have helped her through some difficult times and have made the good times even better. Every day is filled with love and happiness simply because they have each other.