~ Tailer, Sako and Maggie ~

Some time ago, Tailer adopted Sako. Not long after did she adopt Maggie. Since then, they have changed each other’s lives for the better and have helped one another hugely. 

As a teenager, Tailer struggled with her mental health. It continued with her to adulthood and made her day-to-day life a challenge. Then, not long after giving birth to her daughter, she was diagnosed with post-partum depression and anxiety (PPD and PPA respectively). Shortly after, she felt it would be beneficial to adopt a canine companion, that’s where Sako comes in! Tailer contacted a breeder in Nelson, New Zealand, and decided to adopt a puppy from them. 

It wasn’t long before Tailer and the pup named Sako first met at the airport. Instantly, Tailer knew the puppy was gentle, patient and very loving. She loved snuggles and just sitting with her new human. Then and there, Tailer and Sako were on their way home. 

Shortly after, Tailer adopted Maggie. Once again, they met at the airport and it was love at first sight. Contrary to the first meeting with Sako, Maggie was full of beans and very boisterous. Tailer loved that this pup was so small but her personality filled up every space she was in. 

Having Sako and Maggie through her struggles with PPD and PPA helped Tailer hugely. Both dogs provided their human with a distraction and a bit of hope during that difficult time. No matter what, they could always bring some joy into Tailer’s day. Sako and Maggie don’t judge, they just want to show their human love and kindness. This has taught Tailer to take things step by step, to slow down and to be more present. 

Not only have Sako and Maggie impacted Tailer’s life, but also those around them. They bring so much happiness to everyone they meet and Tailer’s friends and family adore both pups. They often say how lucky she is to have them as companions and that they’re able to brighten some many people’s days. 

Tailer, Sako and Maggie’s happy place has always been the beach. This is time for Tailer to block out the world of social media and all the busyness of daily life. Sako and Maggie enjoy being able to run and just be free as they run across the sand and through the waves. Tailer could easily watch both her companions play all day, every day at the beach. 

The impact that Sako and Maggie have had on Tailer has been huge. They have brought so much love and joy into her life. Every day since adopting them has been made better, simply by being together.