~ Riona ~

Just under a year ago, Riona’s life changed. It has been a harrowing journey since then, but the love she has given and received has helped her through it and gotten her to where she is today. 

In 2022, Riona was brought into the Tails of Hope Dog Rescue. She was severely injured and, after finding the police report, discovered she had sustained 4th-degree burns that covered 60% of her body. Heartbreakingly, this wasn’t an accident. It was a horrible event, for everyone involved, but Riona received 24/7 care from Tails of Hope Dog Rescue, Bluff City Veterinary Specialists, and vet technician, Mallory.

Due to the severity of Riona’s burns, she was almost fully bandaged, required many painkillers, had skin grafts and had to undergo six surgeries. Despite the cruelty she had previously endured and the pain she was in, Riona had nothing but love to show those around her. As well as this, she and Mallory had an instant connection and, as soon as they met, Riona wouldn’t stop showering her with puppy kisses. 

Thanks to the incredible care she received, Riona is now living her best life. In addition, the person who hurt her has been found and will be prevented from hurting any other animals. People from all over the world showed their support for Riona through donations, messages of love and ensuring that she was receiving the best care and support. 

Each day, Riona continues to show everyone she meets, both in person and online, that all animals deserve love and kindness. Since meeting Riona, Mallory and those around her have been able to see her grow into a bright, happy dog. Riona loves to run around and play, but her most favourite thing is to simply snuggle up and watch a movie with her humans.  

Riona has definitely been through a lot in her life. However, despite the cruelty she has been shown, she has always had endless love to give to those around her. Now, she is ready for the next chapter in her life – finding her forever home. Currently, she is being fostered by Mallory, but she would absolutely love to find her new family. If you or someone you know can provide her with all the love and care she deserves, get in contact now!