~ Maddy and River ~

Just under two years ago, Maddy welcomed River, a Golden Retriever pup, into her life. Since then, they have formed a very special bond and have helped each other to flourish. 

Having always been an animal lover, Maddy had wanted a dog of her own for quite some time. Then, one day, she came across a breeder who had a recent litter of Golden Retriever pups. Maddy arranged a visit with them and, as soon as she arrived, the pup named River climbed into her lap and snuggled into her. In that moment, she fell in love and, a few weeks later, he was on his way to his new forever home with her.  

Before adopting River, Maddy had struggled with her mental health and found some days to be very challenging. However, River provided his human with a routine (usually with food and snuggles as some of the first things of the day!), companionship, joy and endless laughter. No matter what, River can always make Maddy’s day, whether through having mini dance parties together, snuggling up after a long day or simply enjoying each other’s company. 

Something that Maddy and River enjoy, other than spending time with each other, is going out and about. From puppy class training sessions and going to Maddy’s work together, meeting friends in the community, to going on hiking trips. When they get the opportunity to go hiking in the forest, they love having this time with one another, to enjoy nature and just be. 

Not only has River impacted Maddy, but also those around them. He radiates positivity wherever he goes and everyone who meets him instantly loves him. Friends and family, including Maddy’s niece and nephew, have been able to gain confidence being around dogs because of River, too. 

The impact that Maddy and River have had on one another has been immeasurable. Every day is made better, simply because they have each other.