~ Natalie and Ziggy ~

In 2016, Natalie adopted Ziggy, a sweet little black and white kitten. Since then, they have formed such a special bond and have helped each other through some really tough times. 

Seven years ago, a friend of Natalie’s took in a young stray cat who happened to be pregnant. When the cat gave birth, they tried to find homes for the kittens. When Natalie met one of the kittens, she found him to be fearless and bold. As soon as she met him, she knew they were a perfect match and so, when he was old enough, she took the kitten, whom she named Ziggy, home. 

Having Ziggy has helped Natalie immensely. She has struggled with her mental health, and on the days that have been especially difficult, Ziggy was right there. He would encourage her to get out of bed each day, keep her company, give her a purpose, and remind her each day that she was loved and cared for by snuggling up next to her and keeping her entertained with his antics. Now, no matter what, Ziggy is always there for his human, through good and bad. 

In 2021, Natalie noticed that one of Ziggy’s eyes had become mottled. After taking him to the vet, it was found he had melanoma. Suffice to say, she was terrified of what this might mean for her furry friend. To treat this and prevent any further spreading, Ziggy’s vet felt it was best to remove the infected eye. Natalie agreed and it wasn’t long before Ziggy went into surgery. 

Following the surgery, it was a challenging time, both for Natalie and Ziggy. However, they got through it together. Natalie stayed by Ziggy’s side, just as he had hers, and ensured that he was getting all the care he needed to recover. It has been some time since then, and Ziggy is absolutely thriving!

Recently, Natalie and Ziggy welcomed two new members to their family – Bessie the cat and Mabel the dog. The three furry friends are often getting up to mischief and bringing endless joy, love and laughter into Natalie’s life. 

As well as this, during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Natalie decided to start an Instagram account for Ziggy. She shared photos of him when he was younger, his journey with melanoma and recovery, and his daily antics, with the occasional appearance from Bessie and Mabel, of course. In sharing photos and videos, she has met many other animal lovers and has loved being part of such a great community.

The bond that Natalie and Ziggy share is incredible. They have helped one another through some truly difficult times and continue to bring love and happiness into every day, simply by knowing they each other.