~ Katie and Bentley ~

Just under two years ago, Katie met Bentley, her heart dog. Since then, they have become inseparable and have changed each other’s lives hugely. 

Before her 22nd birthday, Katie was looking to adopt a puppy. Initially, having loved 101 Dalmatians growing up, she was looking to find a sweet little Dalmatian pup. However, after being unable to find any, she took a pause from searching. Then, came across a painting of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and fell in love. Katie then started her search for a Cavalier pup and, several months later, finally met her soon-to-be canine companion, Bentley. 

As soon as Katie met Bentley, there was no doubt in her mind that this was the perfect furry friend for her. Once they were home, Katie was in awe that this playful, loving and sweet little boy was all hers. 

Unfortunately, two months after welcoming Bentley into her life did Katie’s relationship take an awful turn. It became abusive and toxic, both for Katie and Bentley. It was a very harrowing situation for them both. Seeing how much it was affecting her furry friend, Katie gathered all her strength for them both to leave the relationship for a better, safer life. 

The days, weeks and months following this were difficult, however, knowing that she had Bentley by her side meant the world to Katie. Every day, he would wake her up for his breakfast, need to be walked twice per day, and time to play, but above all, Katie wanted him to be happy. He would encourage her to leave the house, to socialise with his doggie friends, and so much more. Having him there continues to give her a purpose and motivation to this day. 

Having Bentley has evidently had a huge impact on Katie. On days that have been tough, he has never failed to brighten his human’s day or provide her with lots of comforting cuddles. As well as this, Katie’s family have also fallen in love with Bentley.

Something that Katie and Bentley enjoy is going on adventures. Whether going somewhere new, walking a new route, going for a swim, meeting friends (humans and doggos), chasing things he discovers while out walking, or going on a family trip. Wherever they go, whether out and about or at home, simply being together means the world to them both. 

The bond that Katie and Bentley share is truly special. They have been there for one another through thick and thin. Every day, they bring endless joy and unconditional love into each other’s lives.