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Amanda and Moe — August 31, 2022

Amanda and Moe

~ Amanda and Moe ~

Six years ago, Amanda met Moe, a Dwarf X rabbit, who was looking for a home. Since then, they have formed a very special bond. 

In 2016, Amanda saw a post by a rabbit rescue in Hawkes Bay showing a small black and white rabbit up for adoption. As soon as she saw the photo, Amanda felt that they were meant to be. Without hesitation, she contacted the rescue. They told her the rabbit, named Moe, was timid and had some aggression issues, making her hard to handle. This only made Amanda want to adopt her even more – she wanted to help Moe and give her a better chance at a happy life. 

It took a while but soon enough, Amanda gained Moe’s trust. They have grown to have faith in each other. Since adopting Moe, Amanda has shown her that not all people are bad and that she’s now safe and loved. Seeing her bunny friend flourish and become more confident in herself each year has meant a lot.

Unfortunately, Amanda recently lost her heart rabbit, Bubs. She was devastated. During this difficult time, Moe knew just what to do. When she sensed her human was sad, she would be right there, providing her with love, comfort and support. 

Not only has Moe had an impact on Amanda, but also on her partner, Harley. As someone without any prior experience with caring for rabbits, Harley learnt as much as possible and is now a dedicated bun-dad. He has loved getting to know Moe and better understanding her. 

Having Moe has helped Amanda hugely. Through being a reliable and loving companion, she has shown her human just how much compassion and patience can impact someone’s life. The love they have for one another has changed their lives for the better. 

Something that Amanda and Moe enjoy doing is simply spending time together and snuggling up. They could happily spend hours scrolling TikTok or watching something on TV, having this time is cherished by them both. Hearing Moe’s purrs and being in her presence means the world to Amanda and creates a sense of tranquillity. 

The bond that Amanda and Moe share is truly special. They have both helped one another to flourish. Through thick and thin, they have always been there, by each other’s side.

Amanda and Arlo — June 24, 2022

Amanda and Arlo

~ Amanda and Arlo ~

A few years ago, Amanda adopted Arlo, a beautiful black Labrador, from Scotland. Since then, Arlo has had a huge impact on Amanda and has changed her life. 

When she was 11 years old, Amanda was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). At the time, her dog, Milly, helped her hugely. Even when Amanda was experiencing awful pain, Milly would always brighten her day and helped and encouraged her to learn to walk again.

Sadly, Milly passed away not long after. She helped Amanda through such a difficult time and losing her was devastating. Some time later, in 2016, Amanda and her family felt it was time to welcome another dog into their home. 

Due to her health conditions, Amanda wanted to find a dog who could help her with her symptoms of CRPS and fibromyalgia. She had heard from a breeder and decided to meet with them and their litter of puppies. Initially, Amanda had wanted a little girl, but when she saw her sister, Steph, holding a tiny black Labrador boy puppy, she knew he was the one. 

Having Arlo has been life-changing for Amanda. He supports her when she’s finding it hard to manage her pain or having a hard day. Without fail, Arlo always seems to know just what to do, from getting Amanda her fluffy blanket or her drink bottle. Even on the worst of days, Arlo can make her smile. 

Something that Amanda and Arlo love doing together is going on adventures. From walking along a field or beach – Arlo loves to swim! As well as this, they love training together and simply just spending time with each other. 

The bond that Amanda and Arlo share is immensely special. They have brought so much happiness and love into each other’s lives and continue to brighten every day.

Amanda and Moose — September 22, 2021

Amanda and Moose

~ Amanda and Moose ~

Eight years ago, Amanda rescued Labrador mix puppy, Moose. Since then, Moose has not only become Amanda’s best friend but also her service dog. 

In 2013, Amanda discovered a small puppy who had been abandoned. She was shocked that anyone would want to leave behind such a beautiful pup. There was no way that Amanda was leaving her behind, so she adopted her and named her Moose. 

Ever since Moose has been part of Amanda’s life, she has gained so much more happiness. Since day one, she has been a highlight and source of positivity for Amanda. 

Since 2019, Moose has been undergoing training to be Amanda’s complex post-traumatic stress disorder (c-PTSD) service dog. This is something that has impacted Amanda for a long time. Before Moose, she had struggled with confidence and independence, often finding it hard to leave her house. 

Having Moose has allowed Amanda to find her independence and the confidence to go out into her community. She has been immensely helpful through her public access training in helping Amanda feel safe and supported. She knows that if she ever needs any help, Moose will be right there for her. 

One of the things that Moose does to help Amanda is deep pressure therapy (DPT). This is where a service dog puts their weight on their handler to help lessen any symptoms of anxiety. This was one of the first tasks Moose was trained to perform. When Covid hit, Amanda’s anxiety heightened. Sensing this, Moose immediately performed DPT and helped calm her down. 

Through her work, Moose has shown the community how amazing service dogs are. She is always ready and willing to perform any task, is kind and gentle, and, of course, everyone loves to see her friendly face!

When not out and about, Amanda and Moose love spending time together. They both love to snuggle and enjoy one another’s company. No matter what, Moose is always at Amanda’s side. The happiness and love they have brought to each other’s lives is immeasurable. 

It is obvious how strong of a bond Amanda and Moose share. Moose has given Amanda freedom and has been an amazing companion for her. The love they have for one another is special and can be seen in how they simply look at one another.

Amanda and Avery — June 14, 2021

Amanda and Avery

Almost 2 years ago, Avery was paired with her human, Amanda.  Ever since then, they have become inseparable.  

Having struggled with a myriad of conditions, Amanda felt that adopting a service dog might be beneficial.  She contacted an organisation known as Doggie Does Good.  This is an organisation that help train dogs to aid those with disabilities.  Through this, they work closely with both the dog and the human on their individual relationship and tasks to help. 

Before even meeting Avery, Amanda adored the photo she had seen prior.  Once they met, however, it was love at first sight.  She had felt an instant connection between herself and Avery.  They locked eyes and have been the best of friends ever since. 

Avery helps Amanda with a variety of tasks.  When she is feeling particularly anxious or struggling with her mental health, Avery is right there.  If Amanda is having a difficult day with her anxiety, Avery is always at her side to help her through this.  She can perform deep pressure therapy (DPT) to help re-focus Amanda’s attention.  

Not only can Avery help Amanda by performing DPT but she offers comfort and support.  If she is having an off day, Avery will sense this and stays right by her side.  Amanda has gained confidence and independence thanks to having Avery by her side.  It is amazing how much she has flourished with having her as a companion.  

Because of the incredible impact she has had, Amanda ensures she does all she can so that Avery has the best life, too.  She will always plan ahead to make sure the places they go together are safe and accessible for her.  When they’re not out and about, they enjoy training together.  Avery is a very smart dog and always enjoys learning new tricks and going over her commands.  However, when they are both feeling tired, they always love to snuggle up together and just relax. 

Since having Avery, Amanda has gained so much.  It is evident how much Avery and her human care for each other.  Amanda has gained more happiness, independence and confidence having her in her life.  Avery has changed her life and the love they share is immeasurable.