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Ammo — April 19, 2021


~ Ammo ~

In 2020, Ammo, a German Shepherd X Labrador, was welcomed into his forever home.  He and his human share a special bond and have helped one another immensely.

Unfortunately, Ammo’s human was grieving from the loss of their previous dog, Mocha.  Mocha, a sweet, black Cocker Spaniel, meant the world to them, and losing him was devastating.  It was in 2020, Ammo walked right into their life and brought a glimmer of hope and happiness.  

It was love at first sight for Ammo’s new human.  Ammo has a black birthmark on his tongue, and to his human, this felt like a connection to Mocha and so it was simply meant to be.  Since then, the two have only become closer and have formed such a special friendship.  

Ammo’s human works at Pet First Aid NZ.  Pet First Aid NZ is a course that people can take to learn about how to perform first aid for pets.  This can be extremely helpful to know in case of any emergencies.  There, people learn CPR, recognising poisons and dangerous objects, and more to ensure animals are safe in the event of any emergency.  They run regular courses all across New Zealand.

At the Pet First Aid course, Ammo can be seen helping out!  If Ammo is at a course, students will practise their bandaging skills on him.  He will patiently sit there and wait for the student to finish.  He helps bring a sense of calm to the courses and of course, adds a special canine touch!

When he isn’t helping at first aid courses, Ammo enjoys everything and anything!  He loves meeting friends, playing with toys and absolutely loves to play fetch!  Ammo is a very active dog and it shows through his excitement when out and about.  

It is evident how loved Ammo is.  His human thinks the world of him and cares so much for him.  After losing Mocha, having Ammo has brought happiness and brightens their day.  Ammo is very energetic and sometimes a little bit clumsy, but this just makes him all the more of a delight to be around!