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Carrie and Benji — May 8, 2023

Carrie and Benji

~ Carrie and Benji ~

About two years ago, Carrie welcomed Benji, a three-year-old Corgi, into her home. Since then, they have become the best of friends and have improved each other’s lives hugely. 

In late 2021, while browsing online, Carrie came across a three-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, named Benji, looking for a home. At the time, she was living with Possum, her elderly Border Collie, and didn’t want to cause any stress by adopting a puppy. So, when she came across Benji, she felt he was perfect, being a few years old and fit well with Carrie’s lifestyle.

Once she saw the listing, Carrie decided to inquire about the dog and, a couple of months later, she was on her way to pick Benji up from the airport. When Carrie met Benji, she knew it was meant to be. Initially, he was a bit nervous, but once he was home, he showed his true colours – an energetic and affectionate pup! He and Possum also enjoyed relaxing and spending time together. 

Sadly, in early 2022, Possum passed away. Carrie was devastated and heartbroken. However, Benji was an amazing companion to his human. He stuck to her side and never left, especially if she was upset or crying. When she’s upset, Benji will always sit on Carrie and snuggle her until she’s feeling a bit better. 

Having Benji has been life-changing for Carrie. He helped her with the loss of Possum, and has brought joy into each day since meeting. Benji is full of beans and is a little ray of sunshine. Whenever Carrie is having a tough day, she knows her furry friend will be right there for her. He also reminds his human to enjoy the smaller things in life. From watching birds, to meeting different people when going for a walk, to playing with his toys, he encourages Carrie to be mindful and appreciate everything happening in the present. 

Not only has Benji impacted Carrie’s life, but also those around them. When out and about, whether at a cafe, going for a walk, or anywhere else, they meet many new friends who are always excited to meet Benji. As with Carrie, he never fails to bring a bit of joy to those they run into. 

Something that Carrie and Benji enjoy doing is going to their favourite places – the river and the park! Doing this allows Carrie to have a break away from her busy day-to-day life and to enjoy being in the moment and watching her furry friend enjoy life. 

The impact that Benji has had on Carrie has been huge. He has been there for his human through thick and thin, and she has helped him to flourish and given him the life he deserves.

Chris, Jazzy, Jojo and Benji — September 10, 2021

Chris, Jazzy, Jojo and Benji

~ Chris, Jazzy, Jojo and Benji ~

A few years ago, Chris welcomed Jazzy into their life. Not long after, Jojo and then Benji were rescued and given a forever home. Now, the four of them are one big family. 

In 2018, a friend of Chris’ dad was looking to rehome his dog, Jazzy as he could no longer look after her. Chris fell in love with Jazzy and she has become a big part of their life. 

Having Jazzy was life-changing for Chris. They were struggling a lot with mental health issues and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Jazzy helped them realise that in order to properly look after her, they had to work on their recovery. She truly became Chris’ beam of hope. 

Then, in 2020, Chris met Jojo. She had shown up at their doorstep, malnourished and in need of some care. They instantly brought her inside and made sure she got the help she deserved. 

It was an adjustment for Jazzy, but soon enough, they became good friends and now enjoy playing and spending time together. 

Around the same time, Chris was going through a tough break-up. It had a big impact on their mental health. Luckily, having Jojo helped them through it. Having both Jazzy and Jojo gave Chris something to focus on and care for. They both helped them so much during that challenging period. 

Two months after welcoming Jojo into their home, Benji arrived. He found his way to Chris’ home and they immediately went to his aid. Benji, while only four-year-old, had obviously had a very difficult life. He had scars all over his body, was malnourished and his teeth were severely worn down. 

It was heartbreaking for Chris to see this, however, they took Benji in. It has been a long journey to recovery, but Benji is slowly moving towards a happy and healthy life. 

Jazzy, Jojo and Benji have all had such a big impact on Chris. They now all love one another and have brought so much love and light into each other’s lives.