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Brittany, Isla and Riley — February 22, 2023

Brittany, Isla and Riley

~ Brittany, Isla and Riley ~

About eight years ago, Brittany met Isla and Riley. Since then, they have become a family and have greatly impacted each other’s lives.

In 2014, Brittany was looking to adopt a furbaby. She has always had a passion for animals and wanted to adopt one to give them the best life possible. Then, one day, she came across two cats at her local SPCA – Isla and Riley. They stood out from the others with their bold personalities and, within moments of meeting them, she knew they had found their home. 

Since adopting Isla and Riley, Brittany’s life has changed hugely. Through thick and thin, she has always been able to count on her feline friends. They bring a bit of hope to tough days and make the good days better, simply by being themselves. Isla is the more snuggly of the two cats, and is always happy to be cuddled and patted. Riley, while also snuggly, is more active and loves to help her human in the garden. 

Something that Brittany enjoys is simply being able to spend time with her furry friends. Whether she’s watching them live their best lives, taking photos to share on their social media page, snuggling up together or playing, having this time together means so much to her, Isla and Riley. 

The bond that Brittany, Isla and Riley share is truly special. They have changed each other’s lives for the better and continue to bring love and happiness into every day.