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Amanda and Moe — August 31, 2022

Amanda and Moe

~ Amanda and Moe ~

Six years ago, Amanda met Moe, a Dwarf X rabbit, who was looking for a home. Since then, they have formed a very special bond. 

In 2016, Amanda saw a post by a rabbit rescue in Hawkes Bay showing a small black and white rabbit up for adoption. As soon as she saw the photo, Amanda felt that they were meant to be. Without hesitation, she contacted the rescue. They told her the rabbit, named Moe, was timid and had some aggression issues, making her hard to handle. This only made Amanda want to adopt her even more – she wanted to help Moe and give her a better chance at a happy life. 

It took a while but soon enough, Amanda gained Moe’s trust. They have grown to have faith in each other. Since adopting Moe, Amanda has shown her that not all people are bad and that she’s now safe and loved. Seeing her bunny friend flourish and become more confident in herself each year has meant a lot.

Unfortunately, Amanda recently lost her heart rabbit, Bubs. She was devastated. During this difficult time, Moe knew just what to do. When she sensed her human was sad, she would be right there, providing her with love, comfort and support. 

Not only has Moe had an impact on Amanda, but also on her partner, Harley. As someone without any prior experience with caring for rabbits, Harley learnt as much as possible and is now a dedicated bun-dad. He has loved getting to know Moe and better understanding her. 

Having Moe has helped Amanda hugely. Through being a reliable and loving companion, she has shown her human just how much compassion and patience can impact someone’s life. The love they have for one another has changed their lives for the better. 

Something that Amanda and Moe enjoy doing is simply spending time together and snuggling up. They could happily spend hours scrolling TikTok or watching something on TV, having this time is cherished by them both. Hearing Moe’s purrs and being in her presence means the world to Amanda and creates a sense of tranquillity. 

The bond that Amanda and Moe share is truly special. They have both helped one another to flourish. Through thick and thin, they have always been there, by each other’s side.

Cynthia and Buttercup — April 15, 2022

Cynthia and Buttercup

~ Cynthia and Buttercup ~

Just over two years ago, Cynthia met Buttercup, a Holland Lop rabbit. They fell instantly in love and have been best friends ever since. 

For as long as she can remember, Cynthia has always wanted a rabbit. In 2020, she and her partner were looking to adopt a pet. They had wanted to adopt a dog, but living in an apartment meant they weren’t allowed to. One day, while at a pet store, Cynthia met a very sweet little white and brown rabbit – Buttercup. She knew immediately that Buttercup would be perfect and decided to adopt her. 

Since adopting Buttercup, Cynthia’s life has changed for the better. Knowing she has her fluffy companion by her side reminds her she’s not alone. After a particularly tough day, knowing she will be met by Buttercup can make all the difference. She can bring a smile to her human’s face by being herself and just make each day so much brighter. 

One of Cynthia’s favourite things is simply being around Buttercup. Whether she’s interacting with or just watching her furry friend, it allows her to just be in the moment. They love spending time together, they especially love laying down on the couch together for cuddles. 

Cynthia and Buttercup share such a beautiful bond. They have brought joy and love into each other’s life. It is easy to see how much they mean to one another.

Marshmellow and Harvey-Dent — February 28, 2022

Marshmellow and Harvey-Dent

~ Marshmellow and Harvey-Dent ~

Just over a year ago, Marshmellow found her forever home. Not long after, Harvey-Dent found his forever home. Since then, they and their forever family have formed a very special bond. 

In 2020, at six weeks old, Marsmellow was adopted. Just before the Covid-19 lockdown in Melbourne, Australia, their humans wanted a furry friend to keep them company. It was a stressful time, and they felt having a rabbit would be best. The rabbit was the smallest of her litter, so was a bit timid at first. However, after a while, Marshmellow gradually warmed up to them and they created a bond. 

Following the first lockdown, Marshmellow’s humans felt it was good to welcome in a new furry friend to keep her company. They found a small bunny, named Harvey-Dent, on their local RSPCA website. They organised a meeting via Zoom and felt an instant connection and decided to adopt him. Even better, Marshmellow and Harvey-Dent bonded almost immediately. 

Having Marshmellow and Harvey-Dent has helped their humans to have more structure and routine in their lives. It was hard to switch off after work and step away from the reminders of the ongoing pandemic. However, having their bunnies, or ‘bunkids’ as they are sometimes known, they have had more happiness and comfort in each day. So much so they are often referred to being their humans’ emotional support animals. Not only this, but it’s hard to start the day off badly when you wake up to a bunny face!

Not long after adopting Marshmellow and Harvey-Dent did their humans start an Instagram account for them. This has helped a lot in that they’ve been able to meet many people and other rabbit parents. The bunnies have enriched their humans’ lives in ways they didn’t know possible. 

Something they all enjoy doing together is eating strawberries! It’s a time they can enjoy each other’s company and appreciate some yummy snacks. Their humans also love to watch the bunnies play together. Marshmellow is very much the trickster while Harvey-Dent loves cuddles and often licks his humans’ faces. 

The bond that Marshmellow and Harvey-Dent have formed with their humans is truly special. They have brought immense joy and so much love into their lives and have definitely had a positive impact on one another’s lives. 

James, Bandit, Smokey, Miffy and Mr Pebbles — February 9, 2022

James, Bandit, Smokey, Miffy and Mr Pebbles

~ James, Bandit, Smokey, Miffy and Mr Pebbles ~

Seven years ago, James welcomed Miffy, Smokey and Bandit into his life. Then, a year later, welcomed Mr Pebbles. Since then, they have all formed a very special bond. 

In 2015, James met another lop-eared rabbit, Miffy. She was part of a litter who were trying to find homes as the owner couldn’t look after them all. James loved her sweet little face and adopted her, welcoming her into his family. 

A year later, while at a rescue, James met Mr Pebbles. James couldn’t resist adopting him, and welcomed him as the second bunny. 

Then, in 2019, James had heard of two lop-eared rabbits who were looking to be rehomed. He fell in love with both of them and immediately decided to adopt them – and named them Bandit and Smokey. 

Having Bandit, Smokey, Miffy and Mr Pebbles has enriched James’ life. With them, he feels there’s a sense of wholeness. They have given him more happiness and love, and have taught him about understanding animals. Looking after the rabbits is something that James feels honoured to do and enjoys every moment of it. 

James loves to spend time with his rabbits. When he sits on the carpet, all the bunnies will excitedly hop over to him and give him lots of cuddles! They all get on so well and have definitely made each other’s lives so much happier. 

The bond that James, Bandit, Smokey, Miffy and Mr Pebbles share is something truly special. They all have so much love for one another.