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Misty and Me — December 9, 2022

Misty and Me

~ Misty and Me ~

Just after the Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand, Liezel, with her business partner, Misty the Maltese x Shih Tzu, launched their business, Misty and Me. Through this, Liezel creates beautiful products and accessories for dogs. 

For as long as she can remember, Liezel has always had a passion for fashion and animals. This flourished after watching ‘Legally Blonde’ for the first time. She loved Elle and Bruiser Woods and took this love straight to her sewing machine. At the time, she had a Dachshund named Kylie and decided to make her some matching outfits. This continued on for some time, but Liezel soon lost her motivation and put her sewing on hold. 

Between 2007 and 2008, Liezel studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology. There, she studied garment construction and pattern-making. Initially, she wanted to start a goth clothing label named Lollyrot but unfortunately, this never took off as she didn’t feel like it was quite the right fit at the time. 

Some years later, Liezel adopted a Yorkie named Freddie, who ignited her human’s passion for sewing once again. Sadly, Freddie passed away as a result of granulomatous meningo-encephalomyelitis (GME) which left Liezel heartbroken. Her sewing machine went away again until she adopted Misty. Liezel’s mum also adopted Misty’s sister, Gracie, and the two brought their new humans endless joy. 

Having Misty inspired Liezel to start sewing again. She would make all kinds of outfits and accessories for her canine companion and would often be asked where she got them. When replying that these items of clothing were handmade, many asked if they could have something made for their dogs. This marked the beginning of starting her own business. 

Initially, Liezel and a friend launched a business named Minsbo. Unfortunately, this was difficult to maintain between their day jobs and all that happened with the Covid-19 pandemic, so they decided to start their own individual businesses, thus, leading to the launch of Misty and Me

There are many aspects of running her own business that Liezel enjoys. From discovering new fabrics at her local Spotlight store, where the staff are always more than happy to help her find the perfect one, rewatching ‘Legally Blonde’ for motivation and inspiration every few months, and, her most favourite part, thinking of new ideas for designs and being able to bring them to life for customers all over NZ. 

Each and every design and product that Liezel sells is made with her whole heart and soul. As someone who struggles with chronic illness, finding work was always a challenge and led to her losing her financing job in 2016. However, Misty and Me has become Liezel’s full-time job and something that brings her joy. It means the world to her that her dream job is now a reality. As well as this, seeing dogs within her community or on social media wearing her designs always fills her heart.

Misty and Me is an amazing business. The passion that Liezel has for everything she does shines through each product she creates. If you’re looking for a gorgeous new accessory for your pup, make sure to check out Misty and Me!

Such A Punk Pets — June 8, 2022

Such A Punk Pets

~ Such A Punk Pets ~

A few years ago, wig maker, Jill Kaplan, made a funky wig for a friend’s dog. Since then, she has gone on to make many more wigs for pets through her business, Such A Punk Pets

Jill has been a wig-maker for over 20 years. Before starting her business, she was feeling somewhat lost. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to be doing in life For as long as she can remember, she has always been creative and making new things. Around the same time she was questioning what she wanted to do, a friend asked her to make a mohawk for her dog for a punk rocker Halloween costume. Jill was more than happy to fulfil this request and was ecstatic with the end result. 

After making her first dog-friendly mohawk, Jill discovered a new passion. Making the first mohawk filled her with joy, and she began getting requests from other friends. Soon, she decided to make it into a business, and Such A Punk Pets was born. 

Not long after starting Such A Punk Pets, Jill got a very special order. A dog named Myles arrived at the Fly Away Home rescue and went to a fospice (foster and hospice) home. His fospice mother asked Jill to make Myles some mohawks and it was the best thing for him. 

While Myles’s health was declining, he was always excited to wear one of his mohawks. Whenever his fospice mum put one on him, he would start bouncing around like a puppy. When they went out for a walk, they always received many compliments. Sadly, it wasn’t long before he crossed the rainbow bridge, but knowing that he was filled with happiness before this because of his mohawks inspired Jill to continue her work to bring the same happiness to others. 

One of Jill’s favourite things about Such A Punk Pets is seeing all the happy pets and pet parents. When a new photo pops up or she reads a positive review, it means the world to her. Jill especially loves seeing cats and dogs wearing her mohawks in person, whether she’s selling them at an event or just out and about. Knowing she made something that brings joy to so many people and animals encourages Jill to continue making and improving her mohawk styles.

Being her own boss has been life-changing for Jill. Having a sense of freedom helps a lot with her creativity and to express herself. Because of this, Jill is constantly looking into new ways to improve her wig styles and designs. It’s her happy place and means a lot that she gets to do this as a job. 

If you would like to get a funky mohawk for your furbaby, check out Such A Punk Pets’ page! Jill has such a passion for what she does and, of course, enjoys sharing her love of animals and style!

Scoop Dog — May 2, 2022

Scoop Dog

~ Scoop Dog ~

Over a year ago, Aleisha and her husband, Jono, had an idea. Since then, the idea has come to fruition and they are now the proud owner of their own business, Scoop Dog

Aleisha and Jono have always been animal lovers and keen ice cream enthusiasts! As they share their love through food, they wanted to share an ice cream with their three dogs, Maple, Puppy and Rufus, and cat, Pippa. However, knowing that ice cream isn’t healthy for dogs, they had the idea to make a dog-friendly brand.

Unfortunately, Aleisha lost her job in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. She was devastated to be out of work and had felt lost. However, looking back, it has worked out for the best as she wouldn’t have gone on to launch her own brand of ice cream for dogs otherwise.

For a whole year, Aleisha and Jono trialled different recipes until one came out perfectly. It became the basis for her first four dog-friendly ice cream flavours – bacon, banana, carob and vanilla. This led to the launch of Scoop Dog, a New Zealand based business, specialising in ice cream that is both safe and healthy for dogs. 

Before launching Scoop Dog during Halloween of 2021, Aleisha was very anxious. She had ordered over 200 labels for the Scoop Dog pottles and was shocked by the cost of it all. Hoping that it would make a good return, Scoop Dog proved to be a huge success. Now, instead of ordering 200, Aleisha and Jono now have to order in the thousands due to the popularity of their ice cream. 

Since day one, Scoop Dog has become a well-known small business and is now quite successful. Aleisha and Jono have released limited-edition flavours, such as gingerbread for Christmas and strawberries and cream for Valentine’s Day. Not only this, but they have even created a dog-friendly hot chocolate mix! Treats for all seasons that humans can now share with their furry friends. 

Running a small business can present its challenges. Through it all Aleisha, Jono and, of course, their furbabies, motivate one another to keep going. The love, warmth and humour they all provide each other goes such a long way to make everything just a bit easier. Not only this but the support they receive from their customers and supporters means a lot. Each like, comment, share and message that they receive makes a huge difference, too. 

Scoop Dog is an awesome business and it’s obvious just how passionate Aleisha and Jono are about what they do. Knowing that they have given pet parents a new and delicious way to share the love with their furbabies is their favourite thing about Scoop Dog. If you’re looking for a yummy treat for your furbaby, check out Scoop Dog now!

Mipuchi — March 21, 2022


~ Mipuchi ~

In 2016, Mipuchi was launched. Mipuchi is a New Zealand based business who specialise in making dog-safe perfumes to keep your pup smelling lovely. 

While Michael was out looking for a fragrance for Benson, his French Bulldog, he couldn’t find one that was safe for dogs. From this, he got an idea to make his own fragrance for Benson. One that was safe and made from natural, plant-based ingredients, and that was safe for dogs and the environment. 

After some experimenting, Michael finally created just what he had in mind – a perfume for dogs. Now, since launching just over five years ago, Mipuchi has flourished and become a well known and respected pet perfume business. 

Since the launch of Mipuchi, Michael and the team have made many different scents. From lavender & chamomile to mandarin & kiwifruit, and many more! Recently, they launched a line of hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners for dogs with sensitive skin. All products are of the highest quality and smell wonderful!

Michael and the Mipuchi team believe in providing dogs with the best products possible. It’s this value that motivates them to keep creating the Mipuchi fragrances, as well as ensuring that each and every product they sell is safe for dogs and the environment. They have a passion for making a difference for dogs and the pet grooming industry in New Zealand and worldwide. 

Mipuchi is an amazing business. Not only do they create luxurious fragrances, but they have so much passion for what they do. If you’re looking for a new perfume for your fur baby, then make sure to check out Mipuchi!

Fussy Dog Co — March 11, 2022

Fussy Dog Co

~ Fussy Dog Co ~

In 2020, The Fussy Dog Co was launched. The Fussy Dog Co is a New Zealand business who specialise in making dog-safe gravy. At present, they have three delicious flavours, all made to make mealtimes that much more enjoyable for your dog.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the founder of The Fussy Dog Co, Anthony, lost his job. Because of this loss of income, he could no longer afford the expensive food for his three dogs, Astrid, Chewie and Cashew. Deciding to buy cheaper alternatives, two of Anthony’s dogs wouldn’t touch their food – the third happily eating all three servings. 

One day, Anthony decided to try something new. While serving up his dogs’ dinner, her added some Bistro gravy. Astrid, Chewie and Cashew loved it! However, as Bistro was designed for human consumption, Anthony wanted to make a gravy that was safe for dogs to eat. He began experimenting with different ingredients and methods of making it, until he finally created what is now the recipe for all The Fussy Dog Co gravies. 

In creating The Fussy Dog Co gravy, Anthony has worked tirelessly to ensure all their recipes are healthy, delicious and affordable. He believes that good nutrition shouldn’t be expensive, and hopes that in making it accessible for everyone, this will help many pet parents and their dogs. 

While it’s only been just over a year since launching, there have been many milestones for The Fussy Dog Co. From selling their first ever jar of gravy in December of 2020, working with retailers, such as Smack Bang, having confirmation from pet stores, such as Animates and Pet Stock, to stock their products, even moving into their own Fussy Dog Co commercial kitchen, and more. 

One of Anthony’s favourite thing about The Fussy Dog Co is hearing all the feedback from customers. Whether a fussy dog, ones with special diets, or who are on medication, the gravy has been a great addition to mealtimes! Knowing that these products are helping dogs all over NZ means a lot to Anthony and The Fussy Dog Co team. 

The Fussy Dog Co is an amazing business. It’s obvious just how passionate Anthony is about providing dogs with healthy, affordable food. If you’re looking for a delicious addition for your dog’s meals, make sure you check out The Fussy Dog Co!

Fluffies For Fluffies — February 21, 2022

Fluffies For Fluffies

~ Fluffies For Fluffies ~

In 2019, Fluffies For Fluffies was launched. Fluffies For Fluffies is a New Zealand business who make fluffy products for cats as a way to give back to foster kittens and their foster parents. Their range includes their famous fluffy catnip toys, fluffy ball toys and fluffy blankets.

Founder of Fluffies For Fluffies, Becca, adopted her furbaby, Burnie, a few years ago. This was her first step into the rescuing and fostering world. She wanted a way she could continue helping cats. Burnie tolerates the kittens Becca fosters, however, having forever siblings would be a challenge. 

Wanting to help rescues across New Zealand, Becca decided to start her own business, Fluffies For Fluffies, with the support of Burnie, of course. They had a fair amount of catnip, and Becca felt one could only have so much. She began creating products for cats, and other animals, with their own catnip. 

Soon, Becca sold these products to help cats while staying at a shelter or in the care of a foster family. These products are donated to rescues and fosters. Knowing that she’s able to help so many people and animals means a lot to Becca and she loves every bit of what she does. 

Through Fluffies For Fluffies, Becca has met many different people and cats. Hearing of how much this has helped or even seeing videos or photos of cats enjoying her products is one of her favourite things about what she does. 

Something that Becca wishes for all pet parents to keep in mind is to neuter their animals. Many of those in a rescue are from unneutered pets. This can lead to many strays on the streets and it’s difficult for shelters and the animals themselves.

As Fluffies For Fluffies is a growing business, any support can go a long way. From a ‘like’ to a ‘share’, it can have such a big impact. Helping them also helps the many rescues they support. 

Fluffies For Fluffies is amazing. It’s obvious just how passionate Becca is about helping animals in need. Not only does she create beautiful products, but she also donates to help rescues and shelters. If you’re looking for a new toy or blanket, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages to order one!

Spicy Pet — February 14, 2022

Spicy Pet

~ Spicy Pet ~

Over a year ago, Shauni had the idea to start a pet apparel business, with inspiration from her pups, Pepper and Pistachio. Since then, she has launched her own business, Spicy Pet, which has taken off and is bringing joy to many pets and pet parents across New Zealand. 

In 2020, Shauni had been wanting to open her own pet apparel business. She had been trying different things to find her niche. One night, she was sewing some PJs for Pepper and Pistachio and wanted to add their names. After some internet searching, Shauni couldn’t find anything she liked and decided to personalise the PJs herself. She then realised that other pet parents might want a similar product and so, with some encouragement from friends, Spicy Pet was born!

The night that Shauni launched the Spicy Pet website was nerve-racking. However, a week later, she saw people sharing their Spicy Pet purchases and she was thrilled. She received so much positive feedback and felt that this was just the beginning. 

With the release of Spicy Pet being such a hit, Shauni was motivated to keep improving and creating their products. Since then, one of her favourite things about what she does is being able to be as creative as she wants. Anything can be printed, from decals to bandanas, ID tags and so much more! The sky is truly the limit at Spicy Pet and Shauni is excited to be able to share this with so many people. 

At present, Spicy Pet has over 2,000 followers and Shauni is immensely grateful for all the support she has received. Through her business, Shauni has been able to collaborate and work with many different people and small businesses. Working with them has greatly inspired her to continue to improve Spicy Pet. Not only this, but Shauni is grateful for every follow, like, comment, and share she gets. It means a lot to her to bring people and pets happiness through her products. Shauni also enjoys getting custom orders – the more out there, the better!

Spicy Pet has had such a huge impact on Shauni. It’s her passion and she puts everything she has into it. She’s always thinking of new products, ways to better Spicy Pet and so much more. Not only this, but Spicy Pet has given Shauni a purpose, has allowed her to meet so many people, and, of course, meet many doggos! It’s obvious how much Spicy Pet means to her. 

In the short amount of time Spicy Pet has been going, Shauni has reached so many people and pets across New Zealand. If you’re looking for some cool new products, for yourself or your furbaby, make sure you check out Spicy Pet!

OtiBoaty Boutique — February 11, 2022

OtiBoaty Boutique

~ OtiBoaty Boutique ~

Just over a year ago, Kirstie, with her business partner, Otis the pug, launched their business, OtiBoaty Boutique. OtiBoaty Boutique is a New Zealand based business that specialises in handmade bows, bandanas, pet apparel and more. 

During a trip to Japan, in 2017, Kirstie discovered shops there that sold luxury dog apparel among brands like Gucci. She was in awe at how beautiful the clothes and venues were. From that moment, she knew this was something she wanted to do in New Zealand. As someone who has always had a passion for fashion and animals, especially dogs, this was something she felt could be her calling.  

Three years later, Kirstie welcomed Otis into her life. He brought so much joy and love into Kirstie’s life. As she adopted him just before the Covid-19 lockdown in NZ, she had some extra time on her hands. During this time, she made and ordered all kinds of dog apparel for Otis. When out and about, they were stopped and asked where they had gotten the clothes. Kirstie found there was a want in the community for such apparel and, with some encouragement from friends, family and strangers she met, she felt it was time to pursue her passions and so OtiBoaty Boutique was born! 

The night that OtiBoaty Boutique launched is one that Kirstie remembers well. She was anxious for how her products would be received by the community, however, it wasn’t long before orders started piling in. Knowing that so many people wanted to buy her designs has been a dream come true for her and has meant so much. 

There have been many moments since launching OtiBoaty Boutique that have stuck with Kirstie. From a launch party of a new collection at a local dog park to selling out within minutes of launching a collaborative collection, Kirstie is proud of all her achievements with OtiBoaty Boutique. 

One of Kirstie’s favourite things is seeing dogs wearing OtiBoaty Boutique products, whether when out and about or on social media. It motivates her to continue to create new products and continue to share positivity within the pet community.

Since launching, Kirstie has met many people – and dogs – who have since become good friends. Being part of the pet community has meant so much to her and has been life-changing for her in bringing many new opportunities and connections. Not only this, but being able to share her passion and creativity with so many people has meant so much. Knowing that her products bring joy to both pets and pet parents inspires Kirstie to keep creating. 

OtiBoaty Boutique is an amazing business. The passion that Kirstie has for what she does shines through each and every product she makes. From the positivity she spreads to the designs she shares, Kirstie and Otis are definitely having a big impact on the pet community. If you’re looking for a gorgeous new accessory for your pup, make sure to check out OtiBoaty Boutique!

Summer Hound — December 8, 2021

Summer Hound

~ Summer Hound ~

In 2021, Summer Hound was launched. Summer Hound is a New Zealand based business who make and sell a range of cooling accessories for dogs. From cooling bandanas to summer bands to wrap around your dog’s neck to help them stay safe during the warmer months. 

Founder, Janina, wanted to create something for her Greyhound, Romeo. Greyhounds don’t tolerate heat very well and Romeo is no exception. He would often pant for long periods of time and when out, would find shaded spots. 

Janina hated seeing Romeo suffer every year with the heat. He has helped her through many tough times and has brought her immense happiness. She wanted to help him as a thank you for everything he has done for her. 

After a while, Janina remembers waking up one night with a business idea. That idea soon flourished. She wanted to create some products for Romeo and other dogs to stay cool in the summer. With some encouragement from her partner, Janina decided to pursue this idea and so, Summer Hound was born. 

Having only launched recently, Summer Hound already has a variety of designs and two different styles of cooling accessories. They are easy to use and help to cool your doggo – and even cats – down. Not only does Janina sell great products, but she uses her platform to educate pet parents on summer safety for animals. 

Animals can feel the heat a lot more than humans. While humans can sweat, animals’ bodies are different and express heat differently, such as panting in dogs. It can even be dangerous for some as it can lead to some serious health conditions. This is why Janina shares so much awareness around summer safety, to help others understand the dangers of summer and prepare for it and prevent any issues. 

One of Janina’s favourite things is seeing dogs wearing and using Summer Hound accessories. In New Zealand, many enjoy a summery day and being with friends – furry friends included, of course! So with these accessories, it allows pet parents to spend that time together without having to worry about the heat impacting their furbabies. 

Summer Hound is an awesome business. They create amazing products to help your canine companions, as well as spread awareness about summer safety. It is obvious how much passion Janina has for what she does and how much love goes into it. If you want some cooling accessories, then make sure you check out Summer Hound!

Bradley’s K9 Munchies — October 1, 2021

Bradley’s K9 Munchies

~ Bradley’s K9 Munchies ~

Early in 2021, Bradley opened his own dog treat business, Bradley’s K9 Munchies. Since opening, Bradley has inspired many and has even been nominated for an Attitude Award!

Due to access needs and learning challenges, Bradley found it difficult to find work. Unfortunately, this led to a deep depression. That was until their local area coordinator for Life Unlimited, Jenny Hogg, helped Bradley find his calling: homemade dog treats! 

With the help of his mum, Sarita, sister, Brittany, and official taste tester, Snuggles, Bradley opened his own business. So far, Bradley is selling delicious dog treats made with safe and natural ingredients. He hopes to expand his range in the future to include a variety of treats and other goodies for dogs across Aotearoa. 

Since starting his business, Bradley has been given a sense of purpose and motivation each day. He gets to share this experience with his family and his best friend, Snuggles. Snuggles has been a great support to Bradley and never fails to brighten his day.

Soon after launching Bradley’s K9 Munchies, Bradley was named a finalist in the annual Attitude Awards in the Attitude Enterprise Award category. This has definitely been a memorable moment in his career. 

Through his work, Bradley hopes to provide employment opportunities for those with disabilities within his community. It can be difficult for someone with a disability to find a job, and Bradley wants to show people that having disabilities isn’t an obstacle, you just have to find what works best for an individual. 

Currently, however, he is inspiring many people across the country through his business. He wants those with disabilities to know that it’s important to just keep trying things until you find what brings you the most happiness. 

Not only is Bradley making an impact in the disability community, but a percentage of each product sold go to local rescue, Furever Homes.

While the Covid-19 pandemic slowed Bradley’s K9 Munchies down, Bradley isn’t going to let it stop him. He already has a lot of support from his community, both human and canine, and wants to share his products with as many people and dogs as possible. 

Bradley’s K9 Munchies is an amazing business. Bradley creates delicious treats for our canine companions to enjoy. It is obvious how passionate he is about her business and how much love goes into it. If you want to order some treats for your dog, make sure to go check out Bradley’s K9 Munchies!