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Anna and FinnJasper — December 16, 2022

Anna and FinnJasper

~ Anna and FinnJasper ~

Over nine years ago, Anna met FinnJasper for the first time. In the time since then, they have formed a truly special bond and have brought endless love and joy into each other’s lives. 

In 2013, Anna lost her heart cat, Nystan. Missing having a furry friend, she decided to welcome a new furry companion into her life.

It wasn’t long before Anna spotted a litter of Norwegian Forest x Maine Coon kittens and fell in love with the one named FinnJasper. She decided to contact the owners to arrange a visit. The owners stated that there were several other families who were looking to adopt, but they would only adopt their kittens out to the family who the kitten chose. A week later, Anna received the call that it appeared FinnJasper had chosen her. 

Before Anna had even finished signing the adoption papers, FinnJasper was already out the door, ready to start his new life. From that moment, Anna promised him that he would never be alone and would always be loved. 

Since adopting FinnJasper, Anna has made good on her promise that he will never be alone. Together, they have travelled to many different places for all kinds of adventures. When travelling, FinnJasper knows to be well-mannered and, whenever possible, can often be seen sitting on Anna’s shoulders, while attached to a leash, as they discover their new surroundings. 

Together, while travelling, Anna and FinnJasper have made many friends, including some celebrities. From Australian actress, Mia Wasikowska, to Crown Princesses Victoria and Estelle of Sweden, and even being contacted by Paul McCartney and many others! Through their travels, Anna has become more comfortable socialising and her confidence has flourished. 

Having FinnJasper has been life-changing for Anna. Every day, he helps by being a companion and providing Anna with endless joy and unconditional love.

The bond that Anna and FinnJasper share is amazing. They have helped one another hugely and continue to make each day better by simply being together.

Tanner and Fishtopher — December 7, 2022

Tanner and Fishtopher

~ Tanner and Fishtopher ~

In November of 2022, while wishing for his forever home, Fishtopher’s dream finally became reality when Tanner and his family heard of his journey. In the short time since, Fishtopher and Tanner have formed a very special bond. 

Fishtopher was rescued by the Homeward Bound Adoption Centre. While not much is known about his past, it was evident to everyone at the rescue that he had been through a lot and, following a vet check, was diagnosed with FIV. Despite this, he has always loved receiving affection. While at the rescue, the staff saw how anxious and upset he was; he just wanted a family of his own. Wanting to help him, they posted his profile on social media and the PetFinder website.  

After sharing Fishtopher’s plight, the Homeward Bound Adoption Centre received hundreds of applications for him. When Tanner and his family saw his picture, they instantly fell in love and applied to adopt him. Then, after what felt like a long wait, he was contacted and told that he and Fishtopher were a perfect match. 

In the small amount of time since finding his forever home, Fishtopher has flourished. He gets all the cuddles he could want and receives unconditional love and affection. One of his favourite things is simply relaxing on the couch, watching TV and curling up next to his humans. To Tanner, his new feline friend has brought so much joy. Whenever he returns home after a long day, he looks forward to seeing Fishtopher’s fluffy face. 

Since adopting Fishtopher, Tanner has used their story to spread awareness about animal rescues and shelters. Through his social media accounts, Fishtopher’s family shares the profiles and photos of other animals who are looking for homes. Knowing that they’re able to help other cats and dogs through this means a lot. 

The impact that Tanner and Fishtopher have had on each other has been huge. Tanner has provided Fishtopher with his home and a family, and Fishtopher brings endless joy and unconditional love into his human’s life. 

Rose Mary and Scooter — December 5, 2022

Rose Mary and Scooter

~ Rose Mary and Scooter ~

At the end of 2018, Rose Mary met Scooter, a handsome Siamese kitten. They have changed each other’s lives hugely since then and continue to bring love and joy to every day. 

On December 22nd of 2018, Rose Mary was told about a small Siamese kitten who had been found wandering around behind trash cans. She decided to then meet with the kitten who was found to be incontinent and had been paralysed from the waist down. As soon as Rose Mary met him, she instantly fell in love and offered to foster him. However, it wasn’t long before she knew he was a perfect companion and decided to adopt him and name him Scooter. 

Less than a year later, an unexpected incident occurred during a procedure for Scooter. He suffered a punctured urethra, was passing blood, wasn’t eating and seemed to be in a lot of pain. As well as this, he was given a terminal diagnosis with a 0% survival rate, yet Scooter wasn’t about to accept that. He fought, with Rose Mary by his side, and after a long journey, he not only survived but is now thriving. His strength and bravery never cease to amaze his human. 

Having Scooter has changed Rose Mary’s life hugely. Every day, he provides her with endless joy and unconditional love. It’s this love that empowers Rose Mary to be the best version of herself. She ensures that Scooter knows just how loved he is in return, too. 

The courage and compassion Scooter shows everyone around him is inspiring to Rose Mary. No matter who he meets, human, cat or dog, he is always a welcoming host, especially when meeting a new rescue friend. When out and about, Scooter is a great advocate for animals with disabilities. He continuously proves that simply having a disability doesn’t make him any less of a cat and that he can still live a full and happy life. 

Both Rose Mary and Scooter enjoy going on their daily walks. Being able to explore the world around him and meet new friends is something he always looks forward to. At the end of each day, both he and Rose Mary have their own nightly routine. Scooter will groom himself – and briefly Rose Mary – before bed, then does some biscuit making and finally, lays his head down on his human’s arm and purrs himself to sleep. 

The impact that both Rose Mary and Scooter have had on each other has been huge. They’ve both faced their own struggles but, together, they have gotten through it all and fill each and every day with love and happiness. 

Katie and Pym — November 28, 2022

Katie and Pym

~ Katie and Pym ~

Almost eight years ago, Katie met Pym for the first time. Since then, they have become the best of friends and, because of Pym’s antics, have become TikTok famous. 

In 2015, Katie decided to visit a local animal rescue shelter. Initially, she was only going in to help and not looking to adopt. However, when she met a tortoiseshell kitten named Pym, there was no way she would be leaving the shelter without her. From that moment onwards, Pym had found her forever home. 

Having Pym has been life-changing for Katie. They have been right by each other’s sides through thick and thin. Katie has experienced many difficult times, including the loss of her father five years ago. She was devastated, however, Pym helped her hugely. No matter what, Pym always brightened Katie’s day, whether with a warm, fluffy snuggle or her cheeky antics. 

A while after adopting Pym, Katie noticed she was unusually fascinated with water. Whenever she would have a shower, Pym would eagerly join her! Initially, Katie was surprised, but it didn’t take long before it became part of their normal everyday life. It has now become Pym’s favourite thing. 

As a result, Katie decided to record Pym and, after a while, they became TikTok famous. Together, they have brought so much happiness to people all over the world as they watch Pym the Shower Cat enjoying her daily showers. Katie has received many messages telling her how much her videos have made them smile or reminded them of their own cats. It means a lot to her to be able to share a bit of positivity with others. 

The bond that Katie and Pym share is truly special. They have helped each other through many tough times and have made the good times better. 

Rinsa, Casper and Romeo — November 18, 2022

Rinsa, Casper and Romeo

~ Rinsa, Casper and Romeo ~

Several years ago, Rinsa adopted Samoyed pup, Casper. Then, a few years later, adopted Himalayan Persian, Romeo. Since then, they have formed a unique and special bond and now share their lives with people – and animals – all over the world. 

About seven years ago, Rinsa and her partner met Casper, a beautiful Samoyed pup. They instantly fell in love with his sweet face and decided to adopt him. Four years later, they welcomed Romeo into their lives. While unsure at first whether Casper and Romeo would get on, Rinsa’s concerns about them soon melted away and she has been amazed by how close they have become. 

Having Casper and Romeo has been life changing for Rinsa. Each day, they bring her and her partner endless joy and unconditional love. They help their humans through the tough times and make the good times better. As well as this, Casper and Romeo have helped give their humans more of a sense of responsibility and encourage them to live more active lives. 

Since adopting Casper and Romeo, Rinsa has discovered a love of exploring New Zealand. Together, they find new places to enjoy and to appreciate. Not only this, but Rinsa is a talented photographer and enjoys being able to capture these moments to share with others. Closer to home, Casper and Romeo are very loved by the community. When out and about, people often go to greet them. 

Seeing the bond that Casper and Romeo have created has been so special to Rinsa. They’ve become like brothers and make their humans smile every day, no matter what. At the end of each day, they all look forward to cuddling up together on the couch. 

The bond that Rinsa, Casper and Romeo share is truly special. They have helped each other hugely and bring love and happiness into every single day. 

Love and Above Cat Club — November 9, 2022

Love and Above Cat Club

~ Love and Above Cat Club ~

In 2021, the Love and Above Cat Club was launched. A page, and now community, dedicated to helping provide cat parents with ways to better care for themselves and time some time out to focus on their own wellbeing. 

Founder and cat lover, Siena Lee-Tajiri, lost her soulcat, Cumin, in 2016. Cumin had been in her human’s life for over 19 years and, sadly, passed away from oral squamous cell cancer. Siena was heartbroken and felt like all the love in her life had left with Cumin. Soon, she felt that she had relied on her soulcat for love and wasn’t able to cultivate her own self-love. The love they shared was enough for them both. It was from this that she realised that sometimes, people go above and beyond for their furbabies, but can often neglect themselves. 

Siena remembers journalling after losing Cumin. She wanted to help other pet parents love themselves in the same way they love their furbabies. From this, she had come up with an idea and a name – Love and Above Cat Club: Self Care for Cat Lovers. However, from 2016-2020, this was put on hold for a while due to her heavy work schedule. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Siena had the time to plan and, before she knew it, the Love and Above Cat Club had flourished! 

While on Christmas vacation, Siena and her partner were excitedly writing and designing the website. Then, the following year on Cumin’s birthday, March 9th, Love and Above Cat Club launched! 

The main motivation behind Love and Above Cat Club is aiding others in their spiritual and self-love journey. Each follow, comment, like and share helps Siena to do this by sharing awareness and spreading her message. As well as this, she sells a variety of products on her website including essential oils, journals, healing gemstone bracelets, and more! 

The love between a cat and their human is truly special. Being able to nurture this and help people channel the same love towards themselves encourages and motivates Siena daily. It fills her heart and seeing photos of happy cats AND their humans proves to her that her work is making a difference in the lives of many people and cats. As well as this, she’s able to share this experience with her furry assistant, Bear. Bear features a lot on Love and Above Cat Club page, helping to share tips and tricks or simply brightening everyone’s day with his adorable face. 

The Love and Above Cat Club is amazing. It’s obvious just how passionate Siena is about cats and the bonds they share with their humans. Make sure you go support her by checking out her page – a page full of love and cats, what more could you ask for?

Kaitlyn, Pūmā and Neo — November 7, 2022

Kaitlyn, Pūmā and Neo

~ Kaitlyn, Pūmā and Neo ~

Earlier this year, Kaitlyn adopted Pūmā. Then, not long after, welcomed Neo into her home. Since then, they have helped each other hugely and become a close family.

In 2021, Kaitlyn and her partner wanted to adopt a furry friend into their lives. They spent quite some time looking for the right one, until February 2022 when they saw some kittens online who were looking for a forever home. Kaitlyn and her partner decided to organise a visit and drove five hours to meet the kittens. On the way there, they agreed that they were simply going to meet and then sleep on it before making any decisions.

Once they arrived, Kaitlyn was shown a scene of the kittens all curled up together, asleep. All the kittens were white and fluffy, except for one who was grey and shorthaired. This kitten was one of the smallest and both Kaitlyn and her partner instantly fell in love with him. There was no doubt in their minds that this was the perfect furry friend, and adopted him then and there and named him Pūmā. 

Not long after adopting Pūmā did Kaitlyn notice that something seemed off, so she took him to the vet. There, she was told he was in fact six weeks, as opposed to the eight weeks she has been told by the breeder. At first, Pūmā was very weak and scared. However, with a lot of care and treatment, he flourished and came right out of his shell. 

Shortly after, Kaitlyn and her partner realised that Pūmā didn’t like being home alone. Because of this, they decided to adopt a second furry friend to keep him company. After some more waiting, they came across Neo, a sweet little Tuxedo kitten. They felt he was a great fit for their family and adopted him. It took about four weeks of introductions between him and Pūmā, but now, they’re the best of friends. 

Neo, at first, was also not well when he was adopted. However, like Pūmā, after lots of care and some treatment, he has become a happy and healthy cat. To Kaitlyn, this has proved that both her feline friends are fighters and have a lot of passion for life. They show her, and others, to not give up and to keep fighting when things get tough. 

Having Pūmā and Neo has been life-changing for Kaitlyn and her partner. No matter what, each day, they never fail to bring a smile to their humans’ faces. From their mischievous antics to their warm cuddles, Pūmā and Neo make every day better. Not only do they impact Kaitlyn, but also her family, friends and community. 

Something that Kaitlyn, Pūmā and Neo enjoy doing is going on adventures. Since adopting them, both cats have been harness trained so they’re all able to go out into the world together. Their most favourite place to explore are bushy areas and finding new places. Kaitlyn is especially looking forward to summer so they can continue experiencing new things and gaining more of an appreciation for the world around them. 

The bond that Kaitlyn shares with Pūmā and Neo is truly special. Each day is made better because they bring love and happiness into each other’s lives. 

Cat, Rob, Merry and Pippin — October 10, 2022

Cat, Rob, Merry and Pippin

~ Cat, Rob, Merry and Pippin ~

Six years ago, Cat and her partner, Rob, decided to adopt two kittens. Since then, they have become a family and have changed each other’s lives.

In 2016, one of Cat’s friends’ cats was pregnant. When asked if she would be interested in adopting, Cat jumped at the chance. Once she met with them, she fell in love with two confident and curious tuxedo kittens. In that moment, she knew it was meant to be and adopted them then and there – naming them Merry and Pippin after two naughty hobbits from The Lord of the Rings books. 

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Merry and Pippin were great company for Cat and Rob. During this time, Cat started a TikTok account focusing on her feline friends. As a talented singer, she recorded parodies of popular songs inspired by Merry and Pippin, including Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, Favourite Things from The Sound of Music, Whenever, Wherever by Shakira and, one of their most popular videos, Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus, among many others. It didn’t take long before they had hundreds of thousands of followers! 

Since starting their TikTok account, Cat, Rob, Merry and Pippin have shared many parodies. From Jolene by Dolly Parton to American Idiot by Green Day, Everybody by The Backstreet Boys to Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, have done a wide range of kitty-inspired songs and have brought so much joy and laughter to thousands around the world. 

When they’re not performing, Cat, Rob, Merry and Pippin love simply spending time together. Both kitties always greet their humans when they get home from work. They’re very affectionate and love curling up on their human’s laps. As well as this, when Rob works from home and has a meeting, Merry and Pippin always make sure they’re part of it!

The bond that Cat, Rob, Merry and Pippin share is truly special. They bring joy, love and laughter into each and every day.

Chloe and Oreo — September 30, 2022

Chloe and Oreo

~ Chloe and Oreo ~

Two years ago, Chloe met lovely black and white cat, Oreo. Since then, they have improved each other’s lives hugely. 

In 2020, Chloe wanted to adopt a cat. After some searching, a friend of hers said they had a small, black and white cat who was looking for a home. Chloe decided to met with the cat and as soon as they met, she knew it was meant to be. She adopted the cat then and there and decided to name her Oreo. 

Having Oreo has helped Chloe immensely. Sadly, Chloe lost a family member which was devastating. However, her feline friend never left her side through this difficult time. Whenever she’s feeling sad, anxious or having a tough time, Oreo is always there for his human, no matter what. Whether playing together or snuggling up, being in each other’s company is always a highlight to any day. 

The bond that Chloe and Oreo share is truly special. They have been there for one another through thick and thin and continue to make each day better just by being there. 

Sharon, Clementine, Olive, Calvin and Archie — September 5, 2022

Sharon, Clementine, Olive, Calvin and Archie

~ Sharon, Clementine, Olive, Calvin and Archie ~

Some years ago, Sharon welcomed Clementine into her life. Not long after this did Sharon welcome Olive, then Calvin, and lastly, Archie. Since then, they have all formed a very special bond and have brought so much love and joy into each other’s lives. 

When Sharon’s daughter lost her 18-year-old cat, Scamp, they were devastated. Wanting to provide a home to another feline friend, Sharon did some searching. Then, she came across a Sphynx kitten named Clementine and it was love at first sight. From the kitten’s little fuzzy face to her chipmunk cheeks, there was no doubt in Sharon’s mind this was the perfect addition to their family. Within the month, they made the four-hour trip to adopt the kitten!

A few years later, Sharon wanted to adopt a friend for Clementine to keep her company when the humans were out. It was then that she came across a one-year-old Devon Rex cat, named Olive, who was retiring from breeding. Once again, it was love at first sight for Sharon! She organised the eight-hour car drive to New York to adopt Olive and, once they returned, she and Clementine instantly became friends. 

In November of 2021, a friend of Sharon’s messaged her about two Sphynx brothers who were looking for a home together. Sharon immediately said yes and, from that moment, they had their forever home. One of the brothers, Calvin, was full of beans and always ready to play. Archie on the other hand was a lot more relaxed and loved curling up with his new human.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Clementine, Olive, Calvin and Archie comforted and supported Sharon. They provided her with a sense of companionship during this period. As well as this, the kitty quartet are leash trained, which meant that they could go out and about to get some fresh air together. 

Living with four cats, Sharon is now a full-time stay-at-home cat mum. Each day, she has to clean her kitty quartet, brush their teeth every other day and give them a bath once a week. It’s a lot of work, but absolutely worth it to Sharon. Clementine, Olive, Calvin and Archie mean the world to their human and bring endless joy to her life. 

Having Clementine, Olive, Calvin and Archie has allowed Sharon to express her passion for photography. Every so often, they do photoshoots. All the kitties enjoy posing, especially Olive, and getting dressed up. After every shoot, they are all rewarded with many, many treats – which is always a highlight for them!

The bond that Sharon has formed with Clementine, Olive, Calvin and Archie is truly special. They have all helped each other through some of the toughest times and bring so much love and joy into every day.