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Morgan, Rachel, Lincoln, Murphy, Stanley, Ruby and Douglas — February 3, 2022

Morgan, Rachel, Lincoln, Murphy, Stanley, Ruby and Douglas

~ Morgan, Rachel, Lincoln, Murphy, Stanley, Ruby and Douglas ~

For all his life, Morgan has been an animal lover. In the last few years, he has used his skills as a truck driver and his love for animals to help others all over New Zealand. Inspired by his own furbabies, he continues to do this to bring hope and happiness to many. 

Morgan was born into the trucking industry, and so has always felt at home driving a truck. Growing up, he would spend every possible moment with his dad, hanging around trucks or even just drawing them. He credits this to what he does now with chauffeuring animals. Without his love for the trucking industry, he might not have found his calling. 

In 2013, Morgan lost his cat, Colin, suddenly. He was devastated and it’s still something that’s difficult for him to think about. His home didn’t feel the same without a cat, so Morgan decided to adopt another rescue cat. He and his wife, Rachel, went to their local SPCA. There, they met three beautiful kittens, Lincoln, Murphy and Stanley. They were the perfect fit for their home.

A year later, Morgan met dog, Ruby, and was instantly in love. She was beautiful. From the moment they met, there was no doubt in Morgan’s mind that she had found her forever home. Later that year, Douglas came along. Once again, there was something about him that Morgan couldn’t resist, and he became their fifth furbaby!

Wanting to help others, Morgan decided to use his other passion – truck driving. He works as an ‘animal chauffeur’ and brings animals to their forever homes. For every journey, each animal gets a five-star trip from pick-up to their forever home.

There are many treasured memories Morgan has from his chauffeuring. During the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand, Morgan was asked to drive just over four hours to transport a cat to their new home. Upon arriving, he realised that the cat’s new owner was hitchhiking, so he offered him a ride, too. 

Another memory that stands out to Morgan was chauffeuring a dog named Darcey to his forever home, six hours away. He stayed with Morgan for a couple of nights before their journey. During this time, everyone fell in love with Darcey. When Morgan went to drop him off, he was in tears. It was immensely difficult to give Darcey up, but he knew this was best for him. However, Morgan mentioned that if the adoption didn’t work out, he would gladly welcome Darcey into his home. 

A few years ago, Morgan witnessed a terrible car accident. After calling emergency services, he noticed there was a black Labrador in the back seat who appeared to be injured. When the services and helicopter arrived, Morgan offered to take the dog to the all-hours vet, which was about a four-hour drive. Once there, it was found that, despite the severity of the crash, there were only a few scratches. Afterwards, Morgan drove back to reunite the dog with their family. This memory is one that he will remember for a long time as it has had such a huge impact on Morgan.

All of what Morgan does is him simply doing it to help others. Rescues and fosterers will sometimes offer a place for the animals to stay for a night or two, so he can get some sleep, but for the most part, chauffeuring is Morgan’s calling. It combines both his passions, and he loves every moment of it. Being able to bring animals to their forever homes and bring happiness to their new owners means so much to Morgan.

Each chauffeuring job means a lot to Morgan. The positivity and happiness he spreads by helping these animals get to their homes is so important to him. Not only does he love bringing them to their new families, but he loves the journey. Being able to spend time with so many different cats and dogs is always special to Morgan and something he enjoys immensely. The passion for what he does shines through in all that he does, and in turn, provides hope to many animals and joy to many humans. You can follow his adventures through his page, Very Important Paws Chauffeur.