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Chico — March 15, 2023


~ Chico ~

Two years ago, Chico found her human best friend. While not a pet, she often enjoys the company of her human and occasionally poses for photos to be shared on her Instagram page. 

In 2020, Chico first met her human friend. While exploring, Chico found herself trapped in a window. Her soon-to-be friend helped her get out and since then, she often returns to catch up and have a snack, usually either peanuts, sunflower seeds or fruit. While she isn’t a full-time pet, she’s referred to as a yard pet, not living with her human friend but often visiting. 

The more they became comfortable around each other, the more Chico was happy to pose for photos. She happily posed with Barbie accessories and small toys, as long as peanuts were involved! Sharing these photos with friends and family, Chico’s human friend has been able to share the joy that an adorable chipmunk can bring! 

As well as all this, Chico now has her own Instagram page where all her photos are shared. At the time of writing, she has almost 22,000 followers! It means a lot to her human friends to be able to do this and making someone smile by posting photos and videos of Chico living her best life. People from all over the world have followed, commented on and ‘liked’ Chico’s journey, often stating how much Chico has brightened their day.

The impact that Chico has had on her human friends and those around her has been huge. She brings so much love and joy into the many lives of those who know and love her.