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Chloe and Oreo — September 30, 2022

Chloe and Oreo

~ Chloe and Oreo ~

Two years ago, Chloe met lovely black and white cat, Oreo. Since then, they have improved each other’s lives hugely. 

In 2020, Chloe wanted to adopt a cat. After some searching, a friend of hers said they had a small, black and white cat who was looking for a home. Chloe decided to met with the cat and as soon as they met, she knew it was meant to be. She adopted the cat then and there and decided to name her Oreo. 

Having Oreo has helped Chloe immensely. Sadly, Chloe lost a family member which was devastating. However, her feline friend never left her side through this difficult time. Whenever she’s feeling sad, anxious or having a tough time, Oreo is always there for his human, no matter what. Whether playing together or snuggling up, being in each other’s company is always a highlight to any day. 

The bond that Chloe and Oreo share is truly special. They have been there for one another through thick and thin and continue to make each day better just by being there. 

Chloe and Felix — July 11, 2022

Chloe and Felix

~ Chloe and Felix ~

Six years ago, Chloe met Felix. From the very first moment they met, Chloe knew he was the perfect cat for her family. Since then, they have formed a very special bond. 

Chloe had been wanting to adopt a cat for a while and decided to visit a local shelter in Birkenhead, New Zealand. She met a friendly and quirky moggy who instantly stood out to her. As soon as they met, she knew he was coming home with her. So, Chloe adopted him then and there and named him Felix. 

Not long after adopting Felix was it apparent he had some health issues. He had pneumonia which very nearly took his life. Seeing him go through this was immensely difficult for Chloe, but she stayed by his side through everything. Thankfully, Felix pulled through and he continues to fill his human’s day with endless joy and laughter with his antics. 

Having Felix has impacted Chloe’s life hugely. The last few years have presented her with a lot of challenges, namely experiencing recurrent pregnancy losses. However, Felix, and Chloe’s other cat, Ziggy, were always there to comfort her. When she was feeling especially defeated, Felix would snuggle up and remind her that she wasn’t alone. When Chloe had her children, Felix immediately accepted them into his heart. This meant the world to her.

Not only has Felix had an impact on Chloe and her family, but also their whole neighbourhood. When he first moved into the neighbourhood, he enjoyed learning from the resident tomcat. Now, Felix has taken on that role. He is often seen protecting his territory – and the local female cats – and meeting with friends. Recently, a new kitten moved in. Felix has taken it upon himself to teach his new friend all his tricks and train him to become the next tomcat.

The bond that Chloe and Felix share is so special. They have brought so much joy and love into each other’s lives through simply being there. Chloe saved Felix as a kitten, and Felix helped Chloe through her darkest times. 

Grace and Chloe — July 14, 2021

Grace and Chloe

~ Grace and Chloe ~

3 years ago, Chloe found her home and best friend, Grace. Since they’ve been together, they have formed a very special bond.  

For as long as she can remember, Grace has always wanted a dog in her life. It was one day, three years ago, that she found Chloe. Chloe was the smallest Labrador pup of her litter. It was love at first sight. Grace fell in love with Chloe’s gorgeous face and lovely personality.  

Having Chloe has helped Grace immensely. Unfortunately, Grace has struggled with her mental health. Between hospital admissions, Chloe was Grace’s rock. No matter what happened, Chloe provided Grace with hope and unconditional love. Despite her struggles, Chloe has always been a source of happiness for Grace. 

One of their favourite activities to do together is learning new tricks. Dog training has become one of Grace’s passions. She loves to teach Chloe new tricks and Chloe always enjoys their time together – and the occasional treat, of course! They have learnt a lot together and are eager to continue learning.  

Grace is keen to teach Chloe as many tricks as she can to compete. So far, Chloe knows a wide range of different tricks, such as a handstand, dancing, putting her own toys away, holding objects, and many, many more! This is something both Grace and Chloe enjoy doing together. It’s always fun and they are able to spend quality time together.  

The bond between Grace and Chloe is a truly special one. It is obvious how much Chloe means to Grace, and how much Grace means to Chloe. They have so much love for one another. They support and bring happiness to each other’s lives.