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Kayleigh and Dudley — March 3, 2023

Kayleigh and Dudley

~ Kayleigh and Dudley ~

Almost a year ago, Kayleigh, her husband and their cat, Pig, welcomed Dudley, a mini Dachshund, into their home. Since then, they have become a family and have improved each other’s lives. 

For as long as she can remember, Kayleigh has always wanted a Dachshund. When she and her husband got married in January 2022, they decided it was a good time to look into adopting a furry friend. After some searching for a breeder who was registered and DNA tested, they met the right breeder for them and nine months later, they were told they might have a puppy! 

After six weeks, Kayleigh and her husband were able to meet with the new litter. Once there, she instantly fell in love with one of the smallest puppies. He was tiny and wiggly, and as soon as he met Kayleigh, he went right over to sit in her lap to snuggle her, then went to snuggle Kayleigh’s husband. They both knew that this pup, now named Dudley, was perfect and, two weeks later, he was on his way to his forever home. 

Having Dudley has improved his family’s life hugely, especially Kayleigh’s life. When she may be having a challenging mental health day, Dudley is always there for her. He encourages his human to wake up and feed him in the morning, and, no matter what, never fails to make her laugh and smile throughout the day. 

Something that Kayleigh and Dudley enjoy is playing together. As Dudley is still quite young, he has seemingly endless energy and would happily play with his mini tennis ball all day, every day or do zoomies outside through the grass. At the end of the day, however, when he’s winding down, he loves snuggling up with his humans and has been known to watch a movie or two with them. As well as this, Dudley and Pig have also been known to spend time together, especially when treats are involved! 

The impact that Dudley has had on his family has been huge. Kayleigh and he have formed such a special bond and each day is full of endless joy and laughter and unconditional love, simply because they have one another.