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Hanna and Elli — March 8, 2023

Hanna and Elli

~ Hanna and Elli ~

Five years ago, Hanna met Elli for the first time. Since then, they have become the best of friends and have improved each other’s lives hugely. 

In 2018, Hanna and her family came across a donkey, named Elli, looking for a home on social media. They arranged a visit and, as soon as Hanna met her, it was love at first sight. In that moment, Hanna promised her new furry friend that they would be best friends forever. 

Having Elli has changed Hanna’s life hugely. They enjoy simply spending time together and going on adventures. Knowing that she has Elli in her life has helped Hanna through some challenging times, as well as helping to make the good times even better. As well as this, Elli brightens the days of everyone she meets, both online and in person and has touched many lives. 

The bond that Hanna and Elli share is truly special. They have brought endless joy and unconditional love into each other’s lives and continue to make every day better, simply because they’re together.