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Ernest and Booboo — February 24, 2023

Ernest and Booboo

~ Ernest and Booboo ~

Three years ago, Ernest meet Booboo, a sweet little Calico kitten. Since then, they have changed each other’s lives for the better. 

On Christmas Eve of 2019, 3-month-old Booboo found her way to Ernest’s doorstep. She was frail, dehydrated, exhausted, had a broken leg and tail, and was in need of some care. As soon as he saw this kitten, Ernest felt an instant connection and knew that this kitten had found her forever home with him.

Having Booboo has taught Ernest so much. She has taught him patience and more understanding. As well as this, having Booboo through the Covid-19 pandemic helped him hugely. Having a furry friend meant that, each day, he had a purpose and someone else to care for during this stressful time. It was also during this time that Ernest had to give up his job as a photographer, however, he has since used his skills to take beautiful photos of Booboo and share her journey through social media. 

Not only has Booboo impacted Ernest, but also those around them. Friends, family and neighbours are always interested to know how she is doing. Many people also follow Booboo’s day-to-day life on social media. No matter what, she can always brighten someone’s day, and being able to do this means a lot to Ernest. 

The bond that Ernest and Booboo share is truly special. They love to watch movies and cartoons together and simply being able to spend time with each other. Every day is filled with love and joy because they have one another.