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Georgia, Lucifer and Molly — March 29, 2023

Georgia, Lucifer and Molly

~ Georgia, Lucifer and Molly ~

Over four years ago, Georgia first met Lucifer, a lovely ginger cat. Then, a couple of years later, they welcomed Molly into their home. Since then, they have formed such a special bond and have helped each other hugely. 

Some years ago, Georgia was struggling with her mental health. It was a very difficult time for her. One Sunday, she decided to adopt a furry friend to keep her company. Then, while meeting with some cats at a local shelter, she met a lovely ginger cat. In that moment, she knew he was perfect and adopted him then and there and named him Lucifer. 

Having Lucifer changed Georgia’s life. He not only provided her with love and joy, but also a purpose. Every morning, he encourages her to get up and start her day, even when she might not feel like it. As well as this, Georgia has type 1 diabetes. This can be challenging some days, however, Lucifer is able to sense when her blood sugar is too high or too low and will alert her to this. This has hugely comforted Georgia in knowing that her feline friend always has her back. 

Nine months ago, Georgia felt that it was time to adopt another furry friend to keep Lucifer company. Then came sweet little tortoiseshell kitten, Molly! When Georgia met Molly, she knew she would be the perfect addition to their family and, that day, Molly found her forever home.

Before adopting Lucifer and Molly, Georgia hadn’t thought she would have any cats. However, she wouldn’t have it any other way now. Both cats have brought endless joy and unconditional love into her life. On tough days, they’re right there for their human. Molly especially loves cuddles and affection and lets her human know as often as possible. 

Something Georgia enjoys is taking great photos of her feline friends and sharing them on social media. Being able to share some of the joy that Lucifer and Molly bring her means a lot to Georgia. Through their platform, they also often share small businesses that they support. At the end of the day, however, having both furry friends to snuggle up with is always the highlight to Georgia’s day.

The impact that Lucifer and Molly have had on Georgia has been huge. Each day they share so much love and happiness with one another. They have truly changed each other’s lives for the better. 

Georgia and Freja — March 10, 2023

Georgia and Freja

~ Georgia and Freja ~

In 2022, Georgia adopted Freja, a German Shepherd pup. Since then, they have formed such a special bond and have impacted each other’s lives hugely. 

Having always been an animal lover, Georgia was looking to welcome a furry friend into her life. Then, she came across Freja. Unfortunately, when she adopted her, Freja wasn’t toilet-trained, didn’t know what toys were, hadn’t been crate trained and hadn’t set a paw on grass before. Seeing this was really difficult for Georgia, but as a result, she knew she had to give this pup the home she deserved. 

Since welcoming Freja into her home, Georgia has showered her canine companion with love and, in turn, has helped Freja to flourish. She now enjoys playing with toys and in the grass, going for walks, being around people, and so much more. Seeing her furry friend flourish means the world to Georgia. It has taken a lot of patience, work and compassion, yet, while they still have some way to go, she is so proud of the progress they have already made together. 

While Georgia has definitely helped Freja to bloom, Freja has also helped her human. She has become a source of unconditional love and endless joy and laughter. Despite her difficult start in life, Freja has so much love to give and enjoys making those around her smile. 

Something that Georgia and Freja enjoy is spending time together. From their daily training sessions, in which Freja always gets a sparkle in her eye in anticipation of learning a new trick or doing a puzzle, going on mindful walks on the weekends, or just snuggling up together to watch a movie. All these moments are treasured by them both.

The bond that Georgia and Freja share is truly special. They have helped one another to flourish. Every day since they found each other has been filled with love and knowing that she has been able to help Freja to feel loved means so much to Georgia.