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Jacinta and Milo — May 10, 2021

Jacinta and Milo

~ Jacinta and Milo ~

Chocolate Labrador, Milo, found his forever home with Jacinta. Since bringing him home, he has added so much light and happiness to those around him.  

Eight years ago, Jacinta met Milo through her partner’s mother. She introduced them to a litter. From the first visit, Jacinta fell instantly in love with one puppy in particular; Milo. He was just so sweet and friendly.  

From day one, Milo has helped Jacinta very much. Whenever she feels upset or stressed, she knows Milo is right there for her and puts his paw on her leg. He offers her companionship and support 24/7. During the evenings, they both enjoy simply relaxing on the couch, spending time with each other. Having Milo has helped Jacinta to feel calmer and he has greatly reduced her anxiety with his calm yet outgoing personality.  

No matter what, Milo can bring a bit of happiness to anyone’s day. Whether it’s Jacinta, her partner, or the wider community, he always knows how to make someone smile. With his big smile and Labrador antics, you can’t not smile when you see him. 

Jacinta, her partner, and Milo all enjoy going on adventures together. Together, they often go on holidays and for car rides. They all love doing this and spending time together. Other times, such as when Jacinta returns home from work, she loves being greeted by a wiggly Labrador!

It is obvious for anyone to see how much Jacinta and Milo mean to one another. He is her fur baby, and she and her partner both care so much for him. Milo brings happiness and joy to so many, but the bond he has with Jacinta is so special.