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Jack and Podrick — February 27, 2023

Jack and Podrick

~ Jack and Podrick ~

Just over four years ago, Jack welcomed Dalmation pup, Podrick, into his life. Since then, they have formed a special bond.

In 2019, Jack was looking to adopt a furry friend. Then, he was told about a little puppy who was looking for his new home. He arranged a visit with the pup and, as soon as they met, it was love at first sight. That day, Jack went home with his new canine companion – Podrick. 

Having Podrick, or Pod, has had a big impact on Jack. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, having a furry friend helped Jack to feel less alone during that time. When things felt tough, Pod was right there to bring a smile to his human’s face. As well as this, he encourages his human to be more active. Together, they enjoy going for walks, exploring new places, and playing fetch with any and every stick Pod finds. 

Not only this, but Pod has brought so much happiness to those within their community and online, too. Not long after starting Pod’s social media account did Jack share a photo of his canine companion interacting with a mouse! When they were out for their daily walk, Podrick stopped in his tracks and got himself as close to the ground as possible to come face to face with a small fuzzy mouse. It went viral and the sweet sight of the two brought joy to many people all over the world. 

The bond that Jack and Pod share is truly special. They have brought so much light and joy into each other’s lives and continue to make every day better, simply by being there for one another. 

Sam, Netts, Charlie Horse and Jack — May 6, 2022

Sam, Netts, Charlie Horse and Jack

~ Sam, Netts, Charlie Horse and Jack ~

Fourteen years ago, Sam and Netts met Jack, an energetic Cairn Terrier. Almost ten years later, Charlie became part of their family. 

One day, 13 and a half years ago, Sam and Netts met a bouncy puppy at a pet store. They were told he had been in and out of different stores. They fell in love and decided to adopt him and give him his forever home and a new name, Jack.

Since adopting Jack, Sam and Netts discovered their passion for dogs. Jack brought them both so much joy and love and they wanted to share this with others. Sam and Netts began fostering dogs from Aran Rescue. This meant a great deal to them in being able to help dogs from difficult backgrounds to flourish and find their forever home. Not only this, but Jack helped a lot, too. He would always comfort and guide the fostered dogs.

Then, in 2018, Sam and Netts decided to foster a sweet Heading Dog named Charlie Horse, or Charlie. She had been bought into the Whanganui Pound, and later Aran Rescue, at three months old as her previous owners thought she was showing signs of aggression, which turned out to be teething. When Sam and Netts arrived at the rescue to meet Charlie, she came tearing around the corner to meet them and flopped into their laps. Safe to say, she quickly became a foster fail.

It took some time for Sam, Netts and Jack to adjust to having an energetic farm dog. Charlie turned out to be very smart and loved being active which, while took some getting used to, brought even more joy into their lives. 

Having Charlie and Jack have had a huge impact on Sam and Netts. They encourage their humans to go for walks each day and bring so much happiness into their lives. During days that may be a bit tough for Sam and Netts, Charlie and Jack are right there for them. 

Not only have Charlie and Jack impacted Sam and Netts, but also the wider community. From sharing a photo, being part of a fundraising event, even helping those who are afraid of dogs, Charlie and Jack help many people and dogs. Each day, they inspire Sam and Netts to continue the work they do. 

At the end of 2021, Sam and Netts noticed a bump on Jack’s tail. During this time, they were terrified of what it might mean for their beloved pup. It turned out to be a benign tumour and had become infected. They feared the worst but, after a course of antibiotics and a lot of love and care, Jack pulled through! 

Sam and Netts’ lives have definitely changed for the better thanks to Charlie and Jack. They have brought each other so much love, happiness and positivity. The bond they all share with one another is incredibly special.