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Katie and Bentley — May 15, 2023

Katie and Bentley

~ Katie and Bentley ~

Just under two years ago, Katie met Bentley, her heart dog. Since then, they have become inseparable and have changed each other’s lives hugely. 

Before her 22nd birthday, Katie was looking to adopt a puppy. Initially, having loved 101 Dalmatians growing up, she was looking to find a sweet little Dalmatian pup. However, after being unable to find any, she took a pause from searching. Then, came across a painting of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and fell in love. Katie then started her search for a Cavalier pup and, several months later, finally met her soon-to-be canine companion, Bentley. 

As soon as Katie met Bentley, there was no doubt in her mind that this was the perfect furry friend for her. Once they were home, Katie was in awe that this playful, loving and sweet little boy was all hers. 

Unfortunately, two months after welcoming Bentley into her life did Katie’s relationship take an awful turn. It became abusive and toxic, both for Katie and Bentley. It was a very harrowing situation for them both. Seeing how much it was affecting her furry friend, Katie gathered all her strength for them both to leave the relationship for a better, safer life. 

The days, weeks and months following this were difficult, however, knowing that she had Bentley by her side meant the world to Katie. Every day, he would wake her up for his breakfast, need to be walked twice per day, and time to play, but above all, Katie wanted him to be happy. He would encourage her to leave the house, to socialise with his doggie friends, and so much more. Having him there continues to give her a purpose and motivation to this day. 

Having Bentley has evidently had a huge impact on Katie. On days that have been tough, he has never failed to brighten his human’s day or provide her with lots of comforting cuddles. As well as this, Katie’s family have also fallen in love with Bentley.

Something that Katie and Bentley enjoy is going on adventures. Whether going somewhere new, walking a new route, going for a swim, meeting friends (humans and doggos), chasing things he discovers while out walking, or going on a family trip. Wherever they go, whether out and about or at home, simply being together means the world to them both. 

The bond that Katie and Bentley share is truly special. They have been there for one another through thick and thin. Every day, they bring endless joy and unconditional love into each other’s lives.

Katie, George, Charlie and Slade — December 23, 2022

Katie, George, Charlie and Slade

~ Katie, George, Charlie and Slade ~

Several years ago, Katie welcomed George into her home. Since then, Charlie and Slade have joined their family, too. In the time since, they have all formed such a beautiful bond and have hugely impacted each other’s lives. 

In 2019, during a trip to England, Katie and her partner were scrolling through social media at a McDonald’s. After a while, Katie’s partner saw a post about a litter of Jack Russel French Bulldog x puppies – her two favourite types of dog. He showed her the photos and a week later, after returning to New Zealand, they adopted one of the puppies and named him George.

Since then, George has helped Katie so much. When she got him, Katie was struggling with her mental health. Having him helped her through it. Through the positivity he brought into her life and having to care for him, Katie found hope. 

Weeks after adopting George, Katie started a new job. Not wanting to leave George home alone, she decided to adopt a second dog. She and her partner went to the SPCA and met with a sweet little pup. However, a very enthusiastic and snuggly pup, named Charlie pushed his way in. He stole their hearts and in that moment, he knew he had found his forever home. 

One evening, while seeing Katie with George and Charlie, her partner decided to propose. Shortly after, they got married. The two dogs held a very important role during the wedding. They were on their very best behaviour throughout the ceremony, and even barked when the celebrant asked for agreement! That same week, they welcomed Slade into their family.

In his previous relationship, Katie’s partner had a dog. However, when they broke up, he was unable to keep the dog. Luckily, in 2021, Slade and he were reunited and were able to adopt him. 

Every single day has been hugely improved thanks to the doggie trio. Their sweet smiles, their mischievous personalities, no matter what, they spread joy wherever they go. George is more of an old man compared to Charlie, who has endless energy but also knows when someone needs a snuggle. Slade is the most affectionate of the three and loves to be around his humans. 

Katie, her partner and their dogs love going on adventures together, especially at the beach. Whether swimming, playing fetch or just enjoying the scenery, it’s always something that brightens their day.

The impacts that George, Charlie and Slade have all had on Katie has been huge. They have all brought a lot of joy into each other’s lives and fill each day with so much love. From days spent at the beach to relaxing at home, every day is made that much better because they have one another. 

Katie and Pym — November 28, 2022

Katie and Pym

~ Katie and Pym ~

Almost eight years ago, Katie met Pym for the first time. Since then, they have become the best of friends and, because of Pym’s antics, have become TikTok famous. 

In 2015, Katie decided to visit a local animal rescue shelter. Initially, she was only going in to help and not looking to adopt. However, when she met a tortoiseshell kitten named Pym, there was no way she would be leaving the shelter without her. From that moment onwards, Pym had found her forever home. 

Having Pym has been life-changing for Katie. They have been right by each other’s sides through thick and thin. Katie has experienced many difficult times, including the loss of her father five years ago. She was devastated, however, Pym helped her hugely. No matter what, Pym always brightened Katie’s day, whether with a warm, fluffy snuggle or her cheeky antics. 

A while after adopting Pym, Katie noticed she was unusually fascinated with water. Whenever she would have a shower, Pym would eagerly join her! Initially, Katie was surprised, but it didn’t take long before it became part of their normal everyday life. It has now become Pym’s favourite thing. 

As a result, Katie decided to record Pym and, after a while, they became TikTok famous. Together, they have brought so much happiness to people all over the world as they watch Pym the Shower Cat enjoying her daily showers. Katie has received many messages telling her how much her videos have made them smile or reminded them of their own cats. It means a lot to her to be able to share a bit of positivity with others. 

The bond that Katie and Pym share is truly special. They have helped each other through many tough times and have made the good times better. 

Katie, François and Harrison — June 17, 2022

Katie, François and Harrison

~ Katie, François and Harrison ~

About a year ago, Katie and François met Harrison the hedgehog. In the time since then, they have formed a very special bond and have become a family. 

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Katie had just started her work on her PhD in Rehab Science. It was a very stressful time for her as there was so much uncertainty. Wanting to cheer her up, François began searching for a pet hedgehog as Katie had always wanted one. After a while, he found the perfect one and he and Katie arranged a visit. As soon as they met, there was no doubt he had found his home and a new name, Harrison. 

Since day one, Harrison has brought so much joy into François and Katie’s lives, He makes them smile each day, shows unconditional love and so much more. Not only this, but since starting Harrison’s Instagram page, he has been able to share the happiness with people all over the world. 

In 2022, Katie and François got married and Harrison was their ‘Hoglet of Honour.’ He was the ring bearer, had his own signature cocktail and even had his portrait on all the napkins! The day would truly have not been the same without him. Having him there brought more joy to Katie and François’s big day – and some very memorable photos. 

As hedgehogs are nocturnal, Katie and François don’t see much of Harrison during the day. However, when they get home from work, they love seeing him as he wakes up, ready to start his nighttime adventures. Even after a long day, Harrison can always cheer them up. When he wakes up, he’s always ready to play and have cuddles. Not only this, but his favourite thing is to curl up in Katie or François’s hoodies!

No matter what, Harrison never fails to brighten Katie and François’s day. They have formed such a special bond and share so much love for each other.