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Kelly, Jesse, Kawa and Foz — April 24, 2023

Kelly, Jesse, Kawa and Foz

~ Kelly, Jesse, Kawa and Foz ~

Two years ago, Kelly and Jesse adopted Kawa. Just over a year later, they welcomed Foz into their home. Since then, they have become a family and have greatly impacted each other’s lives. 

In 2021, Kelly and Jesse were looking to adopt a furry friend. One day, they came across the Saving Hope Foundation page and had a connection with a 12-week-old pup. They decided to arrange a visit and as soon as they met her, they fell in love. The puppy was full of sass and was quite cheeky. After a while, she decided to curl up in Jesse’s lap. Then and there, Kelly and Jesse adopted the pup and named her Kawa.

Having Kawa has hugely impacted Kelly and Jesse’s lives. Each morning, she is the reason that Kelly gets out of bed – often as she excitedly jumps onto her bed for cuddles. Kawa encourages her humans to go to the beach every day, keeping them entertained with her antics and playing chase and hide and seek. She also keeps them on their toes as she is a notorious sock and underwear thief! As well as this, when Jesse travels for work, Kawa keeps Kelly company and makes her feel safe.

A year later, in 2022, Kelly and Jesse came across some puppies on Last Lampost looking for foster homes. The pups were riddled with fleas and worms but were being sold online. Thankfully, someone intervened and took the puppies to the rescue. Originally, Kelly and Jesse agreed they would only be fostering one of the pups, however, it wasn’t long until the pup stole their hearts. He was such a gentle and loving pup. Soon, he became a foster fail and found his forever home and a new name – Foz. 

Since adopting both Kawa and Foz, Kelly and Jesse have become strong advocates for adopting animals from rescues and for certain breeds that are often deemed dangerous. They have made it their mission to educate others about Pitbull breeds and helping children learn how to properly interact with dogs. 

Every day, Kawa and Foz impact Kelly and Jesse’s lives. From bringing endless joy and laughter to their daily lives, to sharing unconditional love, they have become a family and have improved each other’s lives hugely.

Kelly and Rascal — May 16, 2022

Kelly and Rascal

~ Kelly and Rascal ~

Eight years ago, Kelly met Rascal, a small ginger and white kitten. Since then, they have faced some challenges but, by simply being there for one another, they have gotten through each difficulty that’s been thrown their way. 

In 2014, Kelly was looking to adopt a cat. Then, one day, she saw someone wanting to find forever homes for a litter of kittens. Kelly arranged a visit and met with them all. When she arrived, there was one little kitten who wasn’t joining in to play with his siblings and seemed generally quieter. Kelly knew he was the perfect cat for her and adopted him then and there, and named him Rascal.

Having Rascal improved Kelly’s life hugely. He helped her with her mental health, bringing joy and love into each and every day. No matter what, Rascal is always there for his human. Kelly is able to confide in him and knows that he’ll never judge her. As well as this, he never fails to make her laugh with his antics, from pushing open the door to shredding their couch.

Three years ago, Rascal started wheezing. At first, Kelly thought it might have just been a cough, but it continued to get worse and wasn’t settling. She decided to take him to the vet where some tests showed that Rascal had feline asthma. At first, Kelly wasn’t sure how to deal with this. The first few weeks were tough but, after a while, it just became part of their daily routine. 

While it has been a challenge managing all of Rascal’s health difficulties, from asthma to chronic back pain, he has taken everything in his stride. He uses his inhaler three times per day, painkillers and gets some injections every four weeks at their vet. Despite his health difficulties, he enjoys living his best life, from causing mischief around the house to snuggling up with Kelly at the end of the day. In fact, she feels that these experiences have brought Rascal and her closer.

One of Kelly and Rascal’s favourite things is simply spending time together. They enjoy watching Netflix together, and Rascal, living up to his name, often tries to steal some of Kelly’s chips! It’s times like this that bring them the most joy.

The impact that Kelly and Rascal have had on one another has been immeasurable. They have both improved each other’s lives and bring joy and love into each and every day.