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Linda and Gina — May 25, 2023

Linda and Gina

~ Linda and Gina ~

Two years ago, Linda first met Georgina ‘Gina’ Ginger Knickers, a beautiful calico kitten. In the time since then, they have formed a special bond and have impacted each other hugely. As well as this, Gina has also had a book written about her journey. 

In 2021, Linda received a call from Laura Cook of Found-a-Feline cat rescue. Someone had found a small fluffy calico kitten living alone on the streets and contacted the rescue. Before trapping the kitten, Laura called Linda to ask if she could be a potential foster when and if she caught her. 

Initially, Linda was unsure as a week before this she, sadly, lost her beloved cat, George. She didn’t know if she was ready to bond with another cat so soon after George’s passing. However, when she received the call about the kitten being caught and meeting her an hour later, Linda couldn’t say no. It was love at first sight and there was no doubt in her mind that this kitten, whom she named Georgina in honour of George, was about to become a foster fail.

George’s passing was heartbreaking for everyone, Linda, her husband and their eight other cats – Callie, Judi, Candy, Vlad, Moppy, Poddy, Quaddy, Phoenix. Linda felt that she’d never be happy again. As well as this, Callie was also heartbroken. They had a close bond and had their own unique routine together. George would spend most of the day outside and return at 4 pm, where Callie would meet him to hear about his day. After he passed away, Callie would wait at the same door at the same time, waiting for him. With Gina there, she quickly formed a bond with Callie and was able to cheer her up by playing with their favourite toys, doing zoomies or just snuggling up together. 

Having Gina helped to mend their hearts. Her kitten energy and curiosity – and ongoing quest for bacon – brought a newfound joy to Linda’s home. Helping Gina to adjust to her new life and showing her that humans weren’t all bad was a welcome distraction to Linda. Everyone fell in love with Gina and she fell in love with her new family. Gina has also been a great sisfur to her kitty siblings and has helped to welcome a new foster fail, Purrdy, with open paws. 

Not long after adopting Gina did Linda start sharing posts about her on social media. Through this, Linda shared posts about the daily life of Gina through Gina’s perspective. This has often entailed her search for bacon, as well as her day-to-day life and challenges, such as late breakfasts, negotiating who gets to sleep on the bed, and much more. Their social media pages have become a source of positivity and joy for people – and their cats – all over the world. 

This has also inspired Linda and Gina to share their story as a book, ‘The Journal of Agent Gina Ginger Knickers.’ The book details Gina’s adoption story and how she found her way into Linda’s life. It has been sold all over the world and has been quite a success! If you would like your own copy, you can contact Linda at or on Amazon. I highly recommend you read it!!

The impact that Gina has had on Linda has been huge. Every day has been made a bit brighter, simply because they have one another. They have changed each other’s lives immeasurably and will continue to bring love and joy into their lives as well as the lives of others through Gina’s adventures. 

Sharon, Clementine, Olive, Calvin and Archie — September 5, 2022

Sharon, Clementine, Olive, Calvin and Archie

~ Sharon, Clementine, Olive, Calvin and Archie ~

Some years ago, Sharon welcomed Clementine into her life. Not long after this did Sharon welcome Olive, then Calvin, and lastly, Archie. Since then, they have all formed a very special bond and have brought so much love and joy into each other’s lives. 

When Sharon’s daughter lost her 18-year-old cat, Scamp, they were devastated. Wanting to provide a home to another feline friend, Sharon did some searching. Then, she came across a Sphynx kitten named Clementine and it was love at first sight. From the kitten’s little fuzzy face to her chipmunk cheeks, there was no doubt in Sharon’s mind this was the perfect addition to their family. Within the month, they made the four-hour trip to adopt the kitten!

A few years later, Sharon wanted to adopt a friend for Clementine to keep her company when the humans were out. It was then that she came across a one-year-old Devon Rex cat, named Olive, who was retiring from breeding. Once again, it was love at first sight for Sharon! She organised the eight-hour car drive to New York to adopt Olive and, once they returned, she and Clementine instantly became friends. 

In November of 2021, a friend of Sharon’s messaged her about two Sphynx brothers who were looking for a home together. Sharon immediately said yes and, from that moment, they had their forever home. One of the brothers, Calvin, was full of beans and always ready to play. Archie on the other hand was a lot more relaxed and loved curling up with his new human.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Clementine, Olive, Calvin and Archie comforted and supported Sharon. They provided her with a sense of companionship during this period. As well as this, the kitty quartet are leash trained, which meant that they could go out and about to get some fresh air together. 

Living with four cats, Sharon is now a full-time stay-at-home cat mum. Each day, she has to clean her kitty quartet, brush their teeth every other day and give them a bath once a week. It’s a lot of work, but absolutely worth it to Sharon. Clementine, Olive, Calvin and Archie mean the world to their human and bring endless joy to her life. 

Having Clementine, Olive, Calvin and Archie has allowed Sharon to express her passion for photography. Every so often, they do photoshoots. All the kitties enjoy posing, especially Olive, and getting dressed up. After every shoot, they are all rewarded with many, many treats – which is always a highlight for them!

The bond that Sharon has formed with Clementine, Olive, Calvin and Archie is truly special. They have all helped each other through some of the toughest times and bring so much love and joy into every day. 

Alice and Buster — June 13, 2022

Alice and Buster

~ Alice and Buster ~

Last year, Tomcat, Buster, was finally able to stop searching for his forever home. When Alice rescued him, not only did his life change but so did hers. Since then, Buster has had a huge impact on those around him and has brought Alice so much love and happiness. 

In late 2021, Alice was told about a wandering Tomcat. He had been in the area for quite some time after being abandoned and was obviously in need of some urgent veterinary care. Being the founder of Kitty Kingdom Wellington, she went out and set a cat trap. It took some time, but finally, he found his way into the trap and was taken into Alice’s care.

Seeing him up close, Alice noticed a large wound on his side. She took him back to Kitty Kingdom and let him rest while she tried to find a vet who could help them. It was evident the Tomcat, whom Alice named Buster, was in a lot of pain and needed to be seen as soon as possible. They went to the Wellington After Hours Veterinary Clinic as it was very late and everywhere else had been booked up. 

Once at the vet, Buster was immediately sedated and taken into surgery. There, they treated his wound and neutered him at the same time. Had he not been brought in when he was, it was likely he wouldn’t have made it. The surgery went smoothly, however, he tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Alice was faced with a decision: to have Buster euthanised or to take him home. It was an easy choice to make and she took him home to recover. 

Alice ensured Buster had a room all to himself for 48 hours while he recovered. After this, he was let out into the rest of the house. While he was afraid, he wasn’t aggressive when he gained some freedom. Alice sat and talked to Buster for hours, trying to gain his trust. Eventually, he let her pat him, which progressed to him sitting on her lap and giving her the same love he was receiving.  

One week later, Alice took in three stray kittens. As she was checking them over, Buster made an unusual noise which the kittens seemed to react positively to. Due to him being a Tomcat and having FIV, Alice didn’t want him to interact with the kittens for their own safety. However, Buster was becoming increasingly worried and frustrated at not being allowed near the kittens. After a lot of persuasion on his part, Alice reluctantly let him and the kittens sniff one another. There was nothing but love between them, and Buster even began grooming the kittens!

The more Buster interacted with the kittens, the more he wanted to be around them. Alice allowed him 10 minutes per day, which gradually built up to two hours, which was closely monitored. Now, Buster can spend as much time with any kittens who come through the rescue. Alice trusts him and he has become a full-time foster dad to all the kittens at Kitty Kingdom. 

Before Christmas 2021, Alice took Buster to get some infected teeth taken out. This was a huge relief for both of them. It meant he no longer suffered from the pain, and Alice felt reassured it was safer for the kittens he cared for, even though he was always gentle. Unfortunately, not long after, it was discovered he was in the final stages of renal failure and had a large growth inside his mouth. It was too risky to have it removed, so Alice decided to keep him with her and monitor him. 

Due to concerns over the growth potentially rupturing, Alice limited Buster’s time with the kittens, much to his disgust. A few months later, Alice saw Buster chewing on a cat bed. Fearing the worst, she checked his mouth in case the growth had ruptured. When she looked, she found that it had shrunk! Following a vet appointment, Alice was told Buster’s growth was no longer of any concern and, as a result, could resume being a foster dad. 

Despite his health issues, Buster shows each and every kitten at Kitty Kingdom so much love and affection. Alice continues to monitor his health and wellbeing to make sure he’s as happy as he can be. He has become King of Kitty Kingdom, impacting both humans and felines alike, just by being himself. Not only this, but his story has even been turned into a book to be shared with people near and far! All proceeds from his book, ‘Grandpa Buster of Kitty Kingdom,’ go back to Kitty Kingdom, helping him and all his kittens. 

The bond that Alice and Buster share is truly special. Alice saved Buster’s life and, every day since, Buster has provided her with endless happiness and unconditional love. While their journey together has had its challenges, together, they continue to make each day so much brighter.

Kelly and Rascal — May 16, 2022

Kelly and Rascal

~ Kelly and Rascal ~

Eight years ago, Kelly met Rascal, a small ginger and white kitten. Since then, they have faced some challenges but, by simply being there for one another, they have gotten through each difficulty that’s been thrown their way. 

In 2014, Kelly was looking to adopt a cat. Then, one day, she saw someone wanting to find forever homes for a litter of kittens. Kelly arranged a visit and met with them all. When she arrived, there was one little kitten who wasn’t joining in to play with his siblings and seemed generally quieter. Kelly knew he was the perfect cat for her and adopted him then and there, and named him Rascal.

Having Rascal improved Kelly’s life hugely. He helped her with her mental health, bringing joy and love into each and every day. No matter what, Rascal is always there for his human. Kelly is able to confide in him and knows that he’ll never judge her. As well as this, he never fails to make her laugh with his antics, from pushing open the door to shredding their couch.

Three years ago, Rascal started wheezing. At first, Kelly thought it might have just been a cough, but it continued to get worse and wasn’t settling. She decided to take him to the vet where some tests showed that Rascal had feline asthma. At first, Kelly wasn’t sure how to deal with this. The first few weeks were tough but, after a while, it just became part of their daily routine. 

While it has been a challenge managing all of Rascal’s health difficulties, from asthma to chronic back pain, he has taken everything in his stride. He uses his inhaler three times per day, painkillers and gets some injections every four weeks at their vet. Despite his health difficulties, he enjoys living his best life, from causing mischief around the house to snuggling up with Kelly at the end of the day. In fact, she feels that these experiences have brought Rascal and her closer.

One of Kelly and Rascal’s favourite things is simply spending time together. They enjoy watching Netflix together, and Rascal, living up to his name, often tries to steal some of Kelly’s chips! It’s times like this that bring them the most joy.

The impact that Kelly and Rascal have had on one another has been immeasurable. They have both improved each other’s lives and bring joy and love into each and every day.

Amber, Aslan and Teenie — April 27, 2022

Amber, Aslan and Teenie

~ Amber, Aslan and Teenie ~

Nine years ago, Amber met Aslan, a four-week-old kitten, who was in need of a forever home. Since then, they have formed a very special bond and have even welcomed a second kitten, Teenie, into their lives just over a year ago. 

In 2012, Amber discovered a small kitten just moments away from being dumped. She took the kitten into her arms and fell instantly in love. In Amber’s mind, arriving at the exact spot at that exact time, it was simply meant to be. 

Fast forward to 2021 when Amber met Teenie. At the time, Amber was volunteering at Animals First Rescue. While there, she met a tiny one-week-old kitten – Teenie. The kitten was fighting for her life. She became very unwell and, for a while, her prognosis wasn’t good. However, with a lot of hard work and a lot of care, Teenie pulled through. Amber quickly decided to adopt Teenie and to give her the home she deserved. 

Each day since Amber adopted her furbabies has been filled with joy and love. Knowing they’re there by her side means so much. Whenever Amber is feeling down, snuggles from Aslan and Teenie brightens her day. They can always make her smile, even on the days when it’s difficult. 

Amber, Aslan and Teenie love spending time together. From playing with Aslan and Teenie’s vast array of toys, snuggles, dressing up in clothes from their large wardrobe, shopping for toys, food and more at pet stores, car trips, and much more! Being able to spend time together is something they all enjoy. Amber makes sure that every day, she reminds her furbabies just how much they mean to her. 

Because of the impact Aslan and Teenie have had on her, Amber decided to start an Instagram account for them both. She wanted to share the same joy they bring her with everyone else on social media. On their pages, Amber shares photos of Aslan and Teenie being themselves, spreading love and happiness with so many. 

The love and care that Amber, Aslan and Teenie share for each other is truly special. They have helped one another through thick and thin and know that no matter what, they will be there.

Kitten Kay Sera and Pinkaboo — April 18, 2022

Kitten Kay Sera and Pinkaboo

~ Kitten Kay Sera and Pinkaboo ~

About two years ago, Kitten Kay Sera welcomed sweet Pomeranian pup, Pinkaboo, into her life. Since then, they have brought so much love and positivity into the world with their rosy pink life.  

Kitten Kay Sera, also known as the ‘Pinkest Person in The World; and ‘Queen of Pink’, has made quite a name for herself. She surrounds herself in all shades of pink and brings a lot of happiness to those who follow her. 

In 2020, Kitten saw photos and videos of a cute little Pomeranian puppy. In May of that same year, she met the pup and fell instantly in love. The pup loved cuddles and was so sweet, Kitten had no doubt in her mind that they were meant to be. From that moment, she decided to adopt her and named her Pinkaboo. 

Wanting to share her passion for pink, Kitten wanted a healthy and safe way to colour Pinkaboo’s fur. She tried beet juice and it worked perfectly. After talking to Pinkaboo’s vet, it was approved as a natural and non-toxic way to dye her fur. And so, that’s what she has done ever since so Kitten can be the pinkest person and Pinkaboo the pinkest pup. 

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, Kitten was immensely grateful to have Pinkaboo. During the difficult and scary time, Kitten was isolated and away from her friends and family. Pinkaboo helped her to cope. She provided her with comfort and entertainment. From keeping her company, encouraging her to go for walks, and just being a sweet little pup, she made the lockdown so much better. 

Having Pinkaboo has had a huge impact on Kitten. Wherever she goes, she spreads so much joy and happiness with her bubbly personality. People often stop her for a pawtograph! Whenever she meets a new friend, Pinkaboo will roll over, waiting for a belly rub. She never fails to bring a smile to all those around her.

A year after adopting Pinkaboo, she and Kitten were even on the cover of Vogue magazine! They featured in the pink issue of Vogue Portugal and shared their rose coloured life with the world. Pinkaboo had a cameo in Kitten’s music video for her song, ‘Pink Universe’ too. Not only this, but they also appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show in February. 

When not modelling or making public appearances, Kitten and Pinkaboo simply enjoy each other’s company. One of their favourite things is going to the beach. Kitten rents a pink bike and will ride along the beach trail for hours with Pinkaboo in her own comfortable, and pink, backpack. At home, if Kitten is dancing, Pinkaboo is always excited to join her. 

Every day of Kitten’s is full of love, joy, and, of course, pink, thanks to Pinkaboo. They spread happiness with so many people. The bond they share is truly amazing.

Darline and Madeleine — March 25, 2022

Darline and Madeleine

~ Darline and Madeleine ~

Just under four years ago, Darline adopted Scottish Fold Blue Point kitten, Madeleine. Since then, they have formed a very loving bond and have been with each other through thick and thin. 

In 2018, Darline was looking to adopt a furry friend. She decided to visit the Cattery Breughelhof in Antwerp, Belgium. While there, she met a tiny white kitten. Instantly, Darline knew it was meant to be and adopted her that day. Once they were home, Darline decided to name the kitten Madeleine, in honour of her late grandmother.

Having Madeleine has had a big impact on Darline. She has brought so much happiness and love into her life. On days that might be a bit difficult for her human, Madeleine is right there by her side to help her through it. No matter what, she always seems to be able to brighten the days of those around her with her fluffy self and mischievous antics. 

One of Darline and Madeleine’s favourite things to do is go for walkies. Madeleine has her own fashionable leash and loves to go to the park and just be in the sunshine. Darline enjoys this as she gets to go on new adventures with her feline friend and simply spend time together in nature. 

The impact that Darline and Madeleine have had on one another has been huge. Madeleine means the world to Darline and has brought so much joy since becoming a part of her life. 

Ellis, Meg and Zelda — February 16, 2022

Ellis, Meg and Zelda

~ Ellis, Meg and Zelda ~

In 2021, Meg and Ellis welcomed mischievous Ragdoll kitten, Zelda, into their home. Since then, they have become a family and share such a strong bond. 

At the beginning of 2021, Meg and Ellis decided to move into their own place. They felt there was something missing, however, and decided to adopt a furbaby. They did some research and felt that a Ragdoll would be best suited to them and their day-to-day lives. 

Soon enough, Meg and Ellis found the perfect kitten. She was only 10-weeks-old, but as soon as she entered their house, it became her house. She immediately left the cage to investigate her new surroundings and very quickly became a loved member of Meg and Ellis’ family. 

Having Zelda has greatly improved Meg and Ellis’ lives. She has brought so much more happiness into their home. As well as this, Meg has been training to become a teacher. Part of this, during the Covid-19 pandemic, meant having to take many calls up to six hours per day, five days a week! It was a very tiring time, but through it, Zelda was right there to keep her company and provide her with a distraction if she needed it. 

Zelda has grown to become an avid adventurer. She loves to explore outside, do some birdwatching and chase bugs. Meg and Ellis even started a TikTok account for Zelda, to share all the cute and fun things she gets up to. At the end of the day, her favourite thing is give cuddles, or as they say in Welsh, cwtches. 

Not only has Zelda had an impact on Ellis and Meg, but also on their family and friends. Whenever they come over, everyone is excited to greet Zelda, who is always happy to give lots of cuddles and to play. 

With Zelda, Ellis and Meg’s lives have been hugely impacted. She has brought so much love and happiness into their home. 

Justine, Peter, Carl and Mo — January 3, 2022

Justine, Peter, Carl and Mo

~ Justine, Peter, Carl and Mo ~

Almost a year ago, Justine and her partner, Peter, adopted kittens, Carl and Mo. Ever since, they have formed a very strong bond and have become a little family. 

At the end of 2020, Justine and Peter wanted to welcome a furry friend into their lives. They had both grown up with animals in their lives, and wanted to welcome some new additions into their home. 

Soon, they discovered a rescue called the Orphan Kitten Club, based in San Diego, on social media. They saw videos and photos of two fluffy kitten brothers and fell in love. Without a doubt, Justine and Peter decided that the kittens, Carl and Mo, had found their forever home. 

While adopting Carl and Mo, Justine and Peter learnt that they were found abandoned. Thankfully, the Orphan Kitten Club were able to rescue them, nurse them and then find them loving homes. Not only this, but the rescue was able to find the kitten’s mother and spay her to be re-released. 

Since welcoming them into their home, Justine and Peter’s lives have changed. Thanks to Carl and Mo, they share so much more happiness in each day. Because they’re kittens, they also definitely keep Justine and Peter on their toes! 

While Carl and Mo definitely have a lot of energy and enjoy playing, they also like to simply spend time with Justine and Peter. Not only this, but they’re hoping to try harness training for exploring their community. 

The impact that Justine, Peter, Carl and Mo have all had on each other is huge. They have each brought so much love and happiness into one another’s life. 

Noam, Lihi, O’Malley, Maizie and Michael — November 22, 2021

Noam, Lihi, O’Malley, Maizie and Michael

~ Noam, Lihi, O’Malley, Maizie and Michael ~

About six years ago, Noam and his wife, Lihi, began their cat rescuing journey. In that time, Noam and Lihi have adopted three cats and have rescued many more. It’s because of this, Noam decided to share his passion for animals through his other passions; music and art. 

Noam has always loved animals. He has always wanted to help them and any stray animal he met, he would offer help. One day, in 2015, he and Lihi were staying at her family’s house. After returning home from work, Lihi and her family called Noam upstairs. When he did, he saw a small grey and white 3-month-old kitten. 

The kitten was found by Lihi and her family. The kitten was wandering near a busy road and they went to save him. After caring for him, it became evident that this kitten, now named O’Malley, had found his home with Noam and Lihi. A year later, they decided to find their own place and took O’Malley with them. 

Not long after moving into their new home, another kitten found herself in their care. The tabby kitten was about 2-months old and needed someone to look after her. Sadly, due to being handled by humans, her mother left. It was because of this that Noam and Lihi welcomed her into their home and named her Maizie.

Seeing so many cats in need inspired Noam and Lihi to care for all the strays in their neighbourhood, Rehavia. They would feed them daily and would catch them for neutering and any medical treatments they may need. It meant a lot to Noam to do this as he has always wanted to help animals, and this has allowed him to do just that. 

Six months after adopting Maizie, they met another special kitten. He was affectionate and enjoyed greeting Noam and Lihi. However, they saw he had been suffering from some health issues and knew he wouldn’t do well on the streets, and so welcomed the new kitten, Michael, into their home. 

Having O’Malley, Maizie and Michael has brought so much joy and love into Noam and Lihi’s life. They are their world. He and Lihi love the company of their feline friends and their lives have been changed for the better because of them. No matter what might be going on in their life, Noam and Lihi know that their furbabies will be right there. They enjoy playing together, snuggling and just being with each other. 

Together, Noam and Lihi have helped over 100 stray cats in their neighbourhood. It’s a lot of work, but it means so much to both of them. Every little bit helps. They know that the streets are a tough place for any cat to be, and so try to help them as best they can. From providing food to ensuring that any cat who needs medical attention receives it, Noam and Lihi do whatever they can. 

One day, Noam and Lihi hope to open a shelter. It can be tough to provide for stray cats without a proper facility. Noam hopes that this can further help animals, both in his neighbourhood and beyond, as well as spread awareness about animal welfare and how to better care for these cats. One of the ways he has been fundraising for this is through his page, Sympawnies

For as long as he can remember, Noam has always been creative. He would draw and paint as a child, and loved music. Inspired by Bach’s unique style of handwriting while composing and how he created shapes in his scores and conveyed a musical picture, Noam drew a lot of inspiration from this and started Sympawnies. 

Through Sympawnies, Noam takes on commissions to write music inspired by people’s pets, wildlife and all kinds of animals. People can send in pictures of their animal, as well as a brief description of their personality, and Noam will create a beautiful work of art. Not only this, but 20% of the profits made go to helping cats in his neighbourhood. 

Through Sympawnies, Noam uses his platform to educate people about animals and welfare. Recently, he composed a piece, titled ‘Paso Dobulle’, to raise awareness around bullfighting. He wants to continue using his platform as a way for people to know more about animals and how one can better care for them.

As a composer, Noam uses his passions to express his love of animals. Each commission is personal to each animal. It’s immensely rewarding to Noam and he feels thrilled to create such unique and special works for animals and their humans.

The impact that O’Malley, Maizie and Michael have had on Noam has been huge. They have provided him and Lihi with endless joy and unconditional love. If you would like to check out Noam’s previous works, or even commission your own sympawny go to his page, Sympawnies, now!