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Kristyn, Harper and Sadie — May 24, 2021

Kristyn, Harper and Sadie

~ Kristyn, Harper and Sadie ~

Kristyn and her doggos, Harper and Sadie, share a very special relationship.  Throughout the years together, they have helped each other through difficult times and made the good times great.  

8 years ago, Kristyn met Harper.  He had been rescued from the side of a road and taken into the care of a local shelter.  At the time they met, Harper was only 6-months-old.  In this short space of time, he had been to 7 different foster homes.  Kristyn, although young at the time, remembers instantly falling in love with him.  It was from this moment, Harper found his forever home.  

Following welcoming Harper, 6 years later, Kristyn and Sadie met.  Sadie, then 4-months-old, had a difficult start to her life.  She had been rescued and taken to a shelter but had evidently sustained some serious injuries prior.  Soon, she and Kristyn met.  Again, it was love at first sight.  Thus, expanding their family by welcoming a second dog into their home.  

Since adopting both dogs, they have both become Kristyn’s service dogs.  Sadie helps Kristyn when she is at home, while Harper helps her when she is out and about.  It is immeasurable the number of times that these loving dogs have helped Kristyn.  Whether helping her through a panic attack, calming her down when her anxiety is high or any other number of issues that could arise, Harper and Sadie are right there for her.  

Having Harper and Sadie has given Kristyn newfound confidence when going out into the community, as well as more independence.  She feels safer and happier knowing that she has her two companions there for her, no matter what.  They all enjoy training, too.  Whether going over known commands or learning something new, it’s always something that can provide them with time to bond and strengthen their relationship.  

When they aren’t working as service dogs, Harper and Sadie enjoy simply being dogs.  They love going for walks together, while Harper often enjoys a nice car ride.  As well as this, Kristyn often enters Harper and Sadie in competitions with 4-H Tail-waggers.  This is always a great time for them to spend time together and celebrate one another.  

The bond between Kristyn, Harper and Sadie is truly very special.  It is evident how much of an impact Harper and Sadie have had on Kristyn, and how much Kristyn loves her canine companions.  You can see just how much they care for each other simply by the way they all look at one another.