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Lala and Betsy — May 1, 2023

Lala and Betsy

~ Lala and Betsy ~

Just over a year ago, Lala and her partner welcomed Betsy into their lives. Since then, they have become a family and formed a special bond.

In early 2022, Lala and her partner talked about adopting a kitten. They didn’t have a solid plan in place. However, one day, they came across a litter of kittens at their local PetStock store from the Lonely Miaow looking for their forever homes. After asking to meet one of the kittens, they met Betsy. As soon as she met Lala and her partner, Betsy curled up with them! In that moment, they knew she was perfect and knew she had found her forever family.

After adopting Betsy and letting her settle into her new home, Lala decided to bring her new furry friend to her workplace. Whenever Betsy made an appearance, everyone would immediately be drawn to her and, because of this, their days were always better for it.

Having Betsy has had a huge impact on Lala. Each day, she gives her human a purpose, a focus, and, of course, lots of entertainment. Learning how to understand her feline friend has taught Lala a lot, too. Finding ways to allow Betsy to live her best life, as well as communicating with her, means so much to Lala. When Betsy fell sick not long ago, her family were immensely concerned about her. It was hard to see her so unwell, but thanks to the care she received, and Lala’s love and support, Betsy is absolutely thriving.

Due to the neighbourhood stray cats, Betsy is mostly an indoor cat. However, Lala, and sometimes her partner, take Betsy out for daily walks in her stylish harness. They often only go during the cooler time of day and not too far away from home, but seeing Betsy explore her surroundings and meet others while out and about never fails to brighten Lala’s day, as well as that of everyone they meet.

The impact that Betsy has had on Lala and her partner has been huge. Each day is filled with love, joy and endless laughter, simply because they have one another, through thick and thin.