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Lennox, Ron, Dale and Earl — April 27, 2023

Lennox, Ron, Dale and Earl

~ Lennox, Ron, Dale and Earl ~

Some years ago, Lennox and Ron welcomed Dale and Earl into their home. Since then, they have become a family and have greatly impacted each other’s lives. 

In 2021, Lennox and Ron met Dale and Earl, two Nigerian Dwarf goat brothers, at a farm. They thought the brothers were adorable and funny and decided to adopt them both. As soon as they met, there was no doubt in Lennox and Ron’s minds that Dale and Earl had found their new home. 

Having Dale and Earl has had a big impact on Lennox and Ron. They both bring so much joy, peace and laughter into Lennox and Ron’s lives. No matter what, they know their fuzzy friends can always brighten their day. 

Something that Lennox, Ron, Dale and Earl enjoy is spending time with one another, playing and running in the pasture together as well as watch the brothers living their best life. When feeling like more of a relaxing activity, Lennox and Ron love to just sit and brush Dale and Earl and be with them. 

The impact that Dale and Earl have had on Lennox and Ron has been huge. Since adopting them, every day has been filled with endless laughter, joy and unconditional love.