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Alyssa and Lizzie — August 13, 2021

Alyssa and Lizzie

~ Alyssa and Lizzie ~

A year and a half ago, Lizzie, a leopard gecko, found her forever home with Alyssa. Little did they know, they would become the best of friends in no time at all!

One day, Alyssa found Lizzie listed online. Her previous owners wanted her to find a new home. Alyssa recalls it being love at first sight once they met. She thought Lizzie was the sweetest little gecko she’d ever seen! 

Having Lizzie has been immensely helpful for Alyssa. She has helped her through some really tough times. For a while, Alyssa struggled with her mental health. She felt alone, but a little less so with Lizzie in her life. Lizzie helped her find hope through this difficult period. While Alyssa had to look after Lizzie, she feels she was saved by her companion.  

Much like Lizzie enjoys pursuing food, she has inspired Alyssa to pursue her own goals and dreams. Not only this but she feels that her life has improved a lot. She’s a lot happier overall, she feels she has learnt a lot from looking after Lizzie, and so much more. Lizzie has touched the lives of Alyssa and everyone else in their community.  

During the warmer months, Alyssa enjoys peacefully sitting outside in the warm sun with Lizzie. Lizzie will often enjoy exploring the outside world and discover new smells and sights. When it isn’t as warm, Lizzie often gets to sit on Alyssa’s soft bed. They both enjoy spending time together and simply just being in each other’s company.  

The bond both Alyssa and Lizzie share is one full of love. It is obvious how much they care for one another, and how much Lizzie has improved the life of Alyssa. She feels so lucky to have her in her life and to be able to have Lizzie as her best friend.