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Sian, Bean, Luna and Rory — August 1, 2022

Sian, Bean, Luna and Rory

~ Sian, Bean, Luna and Rory ~

Some years ago, Sian welcomed Bean into her life. Since then, two doggos named Luna and Rory have become part of their family. 

When she was 14 years old, Sian struggled with her mental health. It was a very dark time for her. Wanting to help, Sian’s parents decided to adopt a cat for her from the local SPCA. After some searching, one in particular stood out. The moment Sian sat down, the cat walked right up to her, sat on her lap and dug her claws in whenever she tried to move. There was no doubt in Sian’s mind that she had been chosen. So, she and her parents went home with a new furry friend named Bean.

Having Bean changed Sian’s life. She knew she had her feline friend right there through all of life’s ups and downs. Bean was a source of comfort for her human through the toughest of times and, in turn, helped her to be who she is today. 

A few years later, Sian and her partner were looking to adopt a canine companion. It didn’t take long before they found two beautiful doggos named Rory and Luna. Both Sian and her partner knew these two were the perfect additions to their family and decided to adopt them then and there. 

During some of the toughest times in Sian’s life, she’s always found comfort in her furbabies. When she returns home from work, no matter what kind of day she has had, she knows that Bean, Rory and Luna will all be there at the door to meet her. This trio never fails to make Sian’s day. 

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sian experienced a lot of losses. She and her partner had to postpone their wedding, they had job losses, and more. This was very challenging for Sian and she found herself in a dark place. However, throughout this difficult time, Bean, Rory and Luna were little rays of sunshine. Luna especially helped her human by snuggling up with Sian if she was sad and always encouraged her to go out and take her for a walk. This made the pandemic feel less daunting. 

Something that Sian enjoys doing with Rory and Luna is going out and exploring. Whether going up into the hills or into the bush, simply being with them in nature brings Sian a sense of joy and tranquillity. When at home, they enjoy snuggling up, which Bean is often more than happy to take part in, too. 

The bond that Sian, Bean, Rory and Luna share is truly special. They have helped and supported one another through many tough times. However, they continue to share unconditional love and endless happiness and know that no matter what, they have each other.

Gem and Luna — May 25, 2022

Gem and Luna

~ Gem and Luna ~

Almost two years ago, Gem adopted Luna. After a difficult start in life, Gem helped Luna to flourish and become the loving cat she is today. 

In September 2020, Gem was told about two kittens, Astrid and Luna, who were in need of a forever home. They had been born on a farm to a feral mum and both born with a disability, cerebellar hypoplasia, or wobbly cat syndrome, and had been saved from being put down. As someone who has her own disability, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Gem felt there was already a bond between them, as they both had faced their own challenges in life. They were dropped off and as she looked into their faces, she cried and promised to give them the love they deserved. 

For the first few weeks, Gem bottle-fed Astrid and Luna as well as fed them wet kitten food as they were only 100g each. All this occurred amid the Covid-19 pandemic and Gem was beyond grateful to have them both during that difficult time.

Gem was devastated in March of 2021 when Astrid crossed the rainbow bridge. She had been experiencing severe seizures and there was nothing more to be done. Gem and Luna were absolutely devastated. Initially, Luna wouldn’t even go outside after losing her sister. Then, Gem had the idea to take Luna out in her backpack. She needed a cat carrier that she could wear while using crutches and had one at home. The backpack even had a bubble so that Luna could watch the world around them. 

Since then, Luna has gradually gained more confidence. She and Gem spread a lot of awareness about animals with disabilities. Whether out and about, or simply sharing a photo on Luna’s social media accounts, they always bring so much joy to others. Not only this, but those around them have helped them hugely. Luna had never been very active, yet with the help of her social media followers, they raised enough money to buy her very own wheelchair! Luna has found more independence thanks to her new set of wheels. It’s a slow process but it’s immensely rewarding and gives her freedom in her day to day life. 

One of their favourite things to do together is to go out together. Whether at a cafe, a friend’s place, work, or visiting Luna’s granny in Scotland – there’s nowhere they won’t go! Gem and Luna love exploring new places, too. Luna even has her own seat in the campervan, allowing her to join her parent’s adventures.

Something that Gem wants people to know is that they shouldn’t be afraid of adopting an elderly or disabled animal. Not only do the animals get a happy and fulfilling life, but they give the same in return to their humans. 

Having Luna has changed so much for Gem. Luna is a shining light of joy and has helped her human during the darkest of days. Whether through her cheeky antics or snuggles, she brings so much happiness to those around her, and has changed Gem’s life for the better because of it. 

Caity, Jon, Mitzi, Luna, Tiberius, Rafiki and Astoria — February 1, 2022

Caity, Jon, Mitzi, Luna, Tiberius, Rafiki and Astoria

~ Caity, Jon, Mitzi, Luna, Tiberius, Rafiki and Astoria ~

Eight years ago, after moving into a new house together, Caity and Jon decided to adopt a furbaby. Since then, their family has grown to include four cats and a dog, all of whom have had a huge impact on one another. 

Within six months of moving into a new home, Caity and Jon wanted to welcome a furbaby into their family. They went to a local rescue with the intention to adopt two kittens, but one cat in particular had other plans. While at the rescue, they came across a seven-year-old cat, Mitzi, who had been there for months. She was a scared cat who would often hiss at people as they passed, but not Jon and Caity. From that moment, they knew she had chosen them as her family. 

Initially, Caity and Jon were told that Mitzi wouldn’t be suited to a home with other cats. However, after a few months, they felt she was getting lonely during the day while they were out. Then came along Luna, a very energetic kitten who loved to do zoomies and play. Caity and Jon fell in love and decided to adopt her. At first, Mitzi wasn’t too happy about the new addition, however, after a month, they gradually started spending more and more time together.

As there was an age gap between Mitzi and Luna, there appeared to be an obvious difference in energy levels. Because of this, Caity and Jon had thought about getting another cat who could keep up with Luna. They decided that they would go to have a look at kittens at a rescue, and if there was an ideal cat there, they would adopt them. While there, they met a small black kitten, named Tiberius, who was very unwell. 

After bringing him home, Caity and Jon realised just how serious Tiberius’ condition was. It was touch and go for a while and they were unsure whether he would even make it. However, after constant, around-the-clock care, Tiberius made a full recovery. Once he was feeling better, he proved to be a great fit for Luna, often keeping her on her toes. 

A year later, while out buying supplies for their feline trio, Caity and Jon were met with a very fluffy and excitable puppy. He had stolen their hearts and, that day, he had found his forever home. It felt right to them to welcome Rafiki into their family. He brought so much happiness and joy into their lives and they knew it was meant to be. 

Four years after adopting Rafiki, Caity and Jon came across an animal rescue’s Facebook post about a litter of kittens they found. All but one were quickly adopted. Caity and Jon saw the kitten’s face many times, and before long, decided they would provide her with her forever home, completing their furbaby quintet. At first, the kitten, Astoria, was very timid and didn’t like to be touched, but their surprise became best friends with Rafiki. Gradually, Astoria became more confident and now loves to have attention and cuddles. 

Having the quintet has helped both Caity and Jon immensely. Caity struggles with mental health issues at times, and having her furbabies there with her always brightens her day no matter what. They also just seem to know when she’s in need of a cuddle or two and help to motivate her each and every day. Not only this, but all their furbabies have taught Caity and Jon so much. When Rafiki stops and smells a flower, he reminds them to stop and appreciate all that surrounds them. 

During the Covid-19 lockdowns in New Zealand in 2020 and 2021, Mitzi, Luna, Tiberius, Rafiki and Astoria provided Caity and Jon with distraction and thus a sense of respite. Every day, they were encouraged by Rafiki to leave the house for walks, each day was filled with happiness due to the quintet’s antics, and so much more. They all helped one another through the difficult period by simply being a family. 

Mitzi, Luna, Tiberius, Rafiki and Astoria have had a massive impact on both Caity and Jon. They have brought happiness, love and so much more. Caity and Jon have also helped their quintet immensely and provided them with a caring and loving forever home. They all share such a beautiful bond that will only continue to grow. 

Karis, Luna and Spencer — December 6, 2021

Karis, Luna and Spencer

~ Karis, Luna and Spencer ~

About a year ago, Karis adopted Luna, and then Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pups, Spencer and Sadie Mae. In the time since then, Luna and Spencer have had a huge impact on both Karis and her family. 

In 2020, Karis’ 17-year-old cat sadly passed away. She had been struggling immensely not having a furbaby in the house. Soon, she received a call from her sister-in-law who works as a vet. A small black cat had been saved and taken to her practice after being hit by a car. She had extensive fractures of her pelvis and femur. The practice said they would cover her care if Karis’ sister-in-law could find the cat a forever home – and Karis instantly put her hand up!  

The cat, who had now been named Luna, was flown from Tauranga to Wellington to be with Karis. This happened to be only a few weeks before the 2020 lockdown in New Zealand as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, of which Karis was very thankful to have Luna during this time. She was able to distract Karis from the uncertainty of that time. 

Having Luna has had a big impact on Karis. As she was still quite young, Luna has always kept Karis on her toes! She’s a very playful and active cat with a bit of a sassy streak. However, at the end of each day, she loves to curl up with Karis for snuggles. 

Shortly after adopting Luna, Karis adopted Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies, Spencer and Sadie Mae. Karis adopted Spencer as an emotional support dog for her sons, one has Asperger’s Syndrome and her youngest has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). She had read that Cavalier have a calm temperament and felt this could be helpful. 

Karis’ hope that Spencer could help her sons turned out to be true. Ever since he was welcomed into their family, he always just seems to know when someone needs some comforting or extra snuggles. Spencer has changed the lives of Karis, both her sons and their whole family. 

Both Luna and Spencer love playing together. It brings Karis immense joy to see them – especially when they do zoomies! It instantly brightens everyone’s mood seeing them tear around after each other. 

Not only has Spencer helped Karis’ sons, but also her. Whenever she gets home after a long day, returning to an excited and wiggly puppy waiting to greet her. It just lifts her mood and has had a huge impact on her. 

One of Karis’ favourite things is to go for walks with Spencer. They live next to a pine forest and love exploring it together, sometimes Luna even joins! She likes to make sure they’re okay and enjoy their company. 

Because of the impact that her furbabies have had on her, Karis has started her own dog treat business, Pawfectly Baked Bickies. All of Karis’ furbabies are her chief taste testers, ensuring that all the treats made are as delicious as possible! Having only just begun, Pawfectly Baked Bickies will only continue to grow and share their yummy creations with animals all over NZ!

The impact that Luna and Spencer have had on Karis and her family is huge. They have brought so much happiness into her home. The love that Karis, Luna and Spencer all share is so strong and shows just how special their bond is.