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Nic and Max — May 18, 2023

Nic and Max

~ Nic and Max ~

Over sixteen years ago, Nic met Max, a Cavoodle, for the first time. Since then, they have formed a truly special bond and have changed each other’s lives for the better. 

In 2006, Nic’s husband was in the army. She felt lonely and wished she had someone to keep her company while her husband was away. So, she decided it was time to adopt a furry friend! As someone who often travelled, Nic was looking to adopt a smaller dog who could accompany her. After some searching, she came across a pup online who was looking for his new home. It took a bit of persuasion but, with some help, Nic convinced her husband to adopt the pup, Max, and a few weeks later she welcomed Max into her home.

Through thick and thin, Nic and Max have been there for each other. From Nic’s husband being deployed, the Christchurch earthquakes, two house builds, and sicknesses such as covid and swine flu, they have helped one another hugely through it all. As well as this, Nic struggles with chronic migraines and endometriosis which can impact her daily life. Max has helped his human through everything, simply by being his loving, playful self. 

When things have been tough for Nic due to health reasons, she loves having Max there for her. She ensures to take him out every day for a walk, rain or shine, and if she is unable to, makes sure that someone can take him out. Nic wants her furbaby to have the best life possible, and does all she can to give him that. 

In early 2023, Max experienced a stroke. Nic was terrified and heartbroken about what this could have meant for her canine companion. Thankfully, he recovered, however, it made Nic slow down and appreciate the time she gets with Max. No matter what, she treasures every moment she gets with her furbaby. It also meant a lot to her that they had so much support from her friends and family, it showed her how much Max has impacted everyone he has met. 

Something that Nic and Max enjoy doing is spending time together. As Max is a bit older now, they don’t have as many adventures as they once did, however, this has helped Nic to be more mindful and take a moment to breathe when she needs to. When they’re up to it, they often go out in with Max in his little buggy or a nice walk if he feels like it. 

Not only has Max impacted Nic, but also her family and friends. Last year, Nic’s parents sadly lost their dog, Charlie. Monday to Friday, Max spends time with them, and having him there never fails to make their day. Friends and family love keeping up with Max as he has become such a big part of so many of their lives. 

The impact that Nic and Max have had on one another has been huge. They have helped each other through so much and bring endless happiness, joy and love into every single day.