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Talofa and Magic — May 29, 2023

Talofa and Magic

~ Talofa and Magic ~

Five years ago, Talofa met Magic, a lovely Pitbull mix. In the time since then, they have formed a special bond and bring love and joy into each day. 

In 2018, a dog of one of Talofa’s colleagues had puppies. They had sold all but one, and upon meeting the pup, Talofa instantly fell in love with him. Then and there, she had no doubt that this was the pup for her and named him Magic. 

Having Magic has had a huge impact on Talofa’s life. They go everywhere together (provided it’s dog-friendly, of course!) and enjoy meeting new people while out and about. When Talofa is having a difficult day or is feeling a bit down, Magic is always right there to cheer her up and never fails to make her laugh. He listens to her when she needs to talk, and is an amazing companion for her. 

Since adopting Magic, Talofa has made it her mission to help people better understand pitbull breeds. Magic is a gentle giant and is an absolute goofball. While some people may initially be afraid of him, they very quickly learn that he has a big heart! Both him and Talofa help to reduce the stigma and help people to better understand these breeds. 

Something that Talofa and Magic enjoy doing is going on adventures and exploring new places. Doing this helps Talofa discover more of her surroundings, to be more active and bond more with her furry friend. 

The impact that Magic has had on Talofa has been huge. They have helped each other through so much and continue to bring endless love and joy into every single day. 

Deanna, Scott, Nicole and Scooby — May 11, 2023

Deanna, Scott, Nicole and Scooby

~ Deanna, Scott, Nicole and Scooby ~

Just under three years ago, Deanna, Scott and Nicole met Scooby. Since then, they have become a family and have impacted each other’s lives hugely. 

In December 2020, Deanna, Scott and Nicole lost their elderly dog to cancer. They were heartbroken and there was a big hole in their hearts and their family. Their house felt quiet and Deanna, Scott and Nicole felt lost. 

Not long after losing their dog did Deanna and Scott come across the Shorty’s Rescue social media page. At the time, the whole world was in lockdown due to Covid-19, so, she met with the rescue via video chat. She learnt that there was a dog named Maria at the rescue who was pregnant when she was found. Maria had a litter of ten puppies and, while meeting with them through video chats, Deanna fell in love with one particular puppy. In January 2021, Deanna, Scott and Nicole met with the pup and knew he was the one and named him Scooby. 

The same day that Deanna, Scott and Nicole adopted Scooby, they decided to start an Instagram account for him. They wanted to share photos of him with friends and family during the Covid-19 lockdowns. Doing this brought them all much closer together. Slowly, their page grew and they became part of a wider community of dog parents. 

Having their own page has also inspired them to become advocates for animal safety. It’s important to Deanna, Scott and Nicole to educate people about bully breeds, as well as animal care and welfare. As well as this, it has helped them feel less alone. They are able to offer tips and advice for dog parents, as well as receive support when they need it, too. 

Something that Deanna, Scott, Nicole and Scooby enjoy is simply spending time together. Scooby loves snuggles and giving kisses to his humans. He also has an affinity for being a model and posing in his bandanas, PJs and bathrobes. Not only this, but having Scooby in their lives has helped his family hugely. They love going on car trips and exploring new places as a family.

The impact that Scooby has had on Deanna, Scott and Nicole has been huge. Each day, he brings endless joy and love into their lives, and they ensure he is living his best life. Every day is made better simply because they have one another. 

Jeanine, Zoe and Percy — October 24, 2022

Jeanine, Zoe and Percy

~ Jeanine, Zoe and Percy ~

Over a year ago, Jeanine met Percy, a lovely Rednose Pit Bull pup. Since then, he has become part of her family and his antics have made people near and far fall in love with his sweet little face.

In July 2021, while at Bunnings, Jeanine and her daughters, Zoe and Summer, met Percy. He was out for a walk with his foster family and she couldn’t resist saying hello. At the time, Zoe was struggling with severe separation anxiety which was difficult to manage for both her and her mum. When they first met Percy, however, his presence helped with Zoe’s anxiety and Jeanine just cried. It was incredible to see this change in her daughter and, from that moment, she knew it was meant to be. That same night, she decided to do all the paperwork to adopt him and a month later, he was home.

Before meeting Percy, Jeanine never thought she’d adopt a Pit Bull. She had heard many of the negative associations and was scared that this applied to all Pit Bulls. However, when she met Percy, all this went out the window. As soon as she looked into his adorable little face, Jeanine could see he only had love and affection to give. She was a little concerned about how he would be around their three cats, but it wasn’t long before they became friends, too. 

Having Percy has had a huge impact on his family, especially Zoe. He has helped her with her separation anxiety. It was hard for her to do anything – being in her room alone or going outside into the garden by herself, was impossible. With Percy, however, she could do all this and more. He has given her a sense of independence and confidence and has greatly changed her life as well as that of her family. 

No matter what, Percy spreads joy wherever he goes. He loves going for walks with his family and meeting new friends. Giving lots of kisses and cuddles to everyone he meets is definitely one of his favourite things. His antics even ended up making him fairly famous. One day, he managed to escape to their neighbour’s house. This neighbour turned out to be mental health advocate, author, speaker and filmmaker, Jazz Thornton

Since meeting Jazz, Percy has adopted her as part of his family. He’s always excited when he sees her for a walk or decides to visit her during the day. Whenever she returns home from a busy day at work, Percy always seems to know and will instantly alert his family. 

The impact that Percy has had on his family has been huge. He has become a big part of their family and Jeanine always ensures that wherever she and Zoe go, Percy can go, too. If things have been difficult or it’s been a long day, knowing that their canine companion is there makes all the difference. They all share such a special bond and continue to fill each day with unconditional love and endless joy. 

Brianne and Emmett — September 29, 2021

Brianne and Emmett

~ Brianne and Emmett ~

A few years ago, Brianne was paired with Emmett, a Pit Bull x Chow Chow. In the time they’ve been together, Emmett has truly had such a positive impact on Brianne’s life and both have brought so much happiness into each other’s lives. 

In 2017, Brianne moved into a new city for her job. It was difficult facing all the new changes, but she was eager to start a new chapter in her life. She had met a breeder who told her they were soon going to have one more litter. As she had been wanting a furry friend, she put her name down for one of the pups. 

When the puppies were born, Brianne went to meet them when they were three weeks old. She immediately fell in love with the only male puppy. He curled up in her lap and was very quiet. Without a doubt, Brianne decided that, once he was old enough, the puppy, Emmett would be her companion. 

Having Emmett has had an immense impact on Brianne. During this time, she was struggling with her mental health. She was away from her family and friends and was finding it a challenge to cope with her symptoms. 

One particularly difficult night, Brianne didn’t know how much more she could cope. Then three-month-old Emmett, sensing she needed help, instantly went to her and put his head in her lap. He gave her hope and strength. 

Not long after, Brianne talked to her mental health team and they all agreed that having Emmett be trained as her service dog would be beneficial. Soon, they both began working on tasks and commands. 

With Emmett at her side, Brianne has had more freedom, a sense of safety, and unconditional love. He has allowed her to live the life she wants to and to know that, no matter what happens in life, Emmett will be right there by her side. 

About a year later, Brianne was finding her mental health to be very difficult to cope with again. She was on the phone with a helpline but didn’t feel she was getting the support she needed. In those moments, Emmett once again saved her. He brought her his favourite toy and, once again, provided her and strength. 

Not only does Emmett help Brianne, but he also helps her roommate. If he senses he may be having challenges with his mental health, Emmett will bring him his favourite toy or simply give him kisses. 

If Brianne is having a tough day, Emmett does all he can to bring a smile to her face. Whether he gives her kisses, performs deep pressure therapy, provides a barrier between strangers, or helping her get out of anxiety-inducing situations, he tries everything he can think of. He can always find the right thing to brighten Brianne’s day. 

Brianne and Emmett love to spend time together. When Emmett isn’t working, he enjoys curling up and relaxing. However, he also follows Brianne around and likes to join her in whatever she is doing. One of Emmett’s favourite activities is playing tug-of-war, which he would happily do all day, every day. 

As well as all this, Emmett encourages Brianne to go outside. They have gone on trail hikes, walks and just out into nature. Even on the days when she doesn’t feel up to leaving the house, Emmett can always convince Brianne to get ready for their next adventure. 

The love that Brianne and Emmett share is so special. It is obvious how much Emmett has improved her life and how much freedom he has given her. They have such a strong bond and have brought immense joy into one another’s lives.