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Spicy Pet — February 14, 2022

Spicy Pet

~ Spicy Pet ~

Over a year ago, Shauni had the idea to start a pet apparel business, with inspiration from her pups, Pepper and Pistachio. Since then, she has launched her own business, Spicy Pet, which has taken off and is bringing joy to many pets and pet parents across New Zealand. 

In 2020, Shauni had been wanting to open her own pet apparel business. She had been trying different things to find her niche. One night, she was sewing some PJs for Pepper and Pistachio and wanted to add their names. After some internet searching, Shauni couldn’t find anything she liked and decided to personalise the PJs herself. She then realised that other pet parents might want a similar product and so, with some encouragement from friends, Spicy Pet was born!

The night that Shauni launched the Spicy Pet website was nerve-racking. However, a week later, she saw people sharing their Spicy Pet purchases and she was thrilled. She received so much positive feedback and felt that this was just the beginning. 

With the release of Spicy Pet being such a hit, Shauni was motivated to keep improving and creating their products. Since then, one of her favourite things about what she does is being able to be as creative as she wants. Anything can be printed, from decals to bandanas, ID tags and so much more! The sky is truly the limit at Spicy Pet and Shauni is excited to be able to share this with so many people. 

At present, Spicy Pet has over 2,000 followers and Shauni is immensely grateful for all the support she has received. Through her business, Shauni has been able to collaborate and work with many different people and small businesses. Working with them has greatly inspired her to continue to improve Spicy Pet. Not only this, but Shauni is grateful for every follow, like, comment, and share she gets. It means a lot to her to bring people and pets happiness through her products. Shauni also enjoys getting custom orders – the more out there, the better!

Spicy Pet has had such a huge impact on Shauni. It’s her passion and she puts everything she has into it. She’s always thinking of new products, ways to better Spicy Pet and so much more. Not only this, but Spicy Pet has given Shauni a purpose, has allowed her to meet so many people, and, of course, meet many doggos! It’s obvious how much Spicy Pet means to her. 

In the short amount of time Spicy Pet has been going, Shauni has reached so many people and pets across New Zealand. If you’re looking for some cool new products, for yourself or your furbaby, make sure you check out Spicy Pet!