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Tanner and Fishtopher — December 7, 2022

Tanner and Fishtopher

~ Tanner and Fishtopher ~

In November of 2022, while wishing for his forever home, Fishtopher’s dream finally became reality when Tanner and his family heard of his journey. In the short time since, Fishtopher and Tanner have formed a very special bond. 

Fishtopher was rescued by the Homeward Bound Adoption Centre. While not much is known about his past, it was evident to everyone at the rescue that he had been through a lot and, following a vet check, was diagnosed with FIV. Despite this, he has always loved receiving affection. While at the rescue, the staff saw how anxious and upset he was; he just wanted a family of his own. Wanting to help him, they posted his profile on social media and the PetFinder website.  

After sharing Fishtopher’s plight, the Homeward Bound Adoption Centre received hundreds of applications for him. When Tanner and his family saw his picture, they instantly fell in love and applied to adopt him. Then, after what felt like a long wait, he was contacted and told that he and Fishtopher were a perfect match. 

In the small amount of time since finding his forever home, Fishtopher has flourished. He gets all the cuddles he could want and receives unconditional love and affection. One of his favourite things is simply relaxing on the couch, watching TV and curling up next to his humans. To Tanner, his new feline friend has brought so much joy. Whenever he returns home after a long day, he looks forward to seeing Fishtopher’s fluffy face. 

Since adopting Fishtopher, Tanner has used their story to spread awareness about animal rescues and shelters. Through his social media accounts, Fishtopher’s family shares the profiles and photos of other animals who are looking for homes. Knowing that they’re able to help other cats and dogs through this means a lot. 

The impact that Tanner and Fishtopher have had on each other has been huge. Tanner has provided Fishtopher with his home and a family, and Fishtopher brings endless joy and unconditional love into his human’s life.