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Sarah and Yeti — July 12, 2021

Sarah and Yeti

~ Sarah and Yeti ~

Loving cat, Yeti, found her forever home with human, Sarah, and adoptive brother, Oscar. Since then, they have formed a strong bond and support one another. 

Having seen her photo on social media, Sarah instantly fell in love with Yeti, a Tortie Point Exotic Shorthair cat. Sarah and her partner, Grady, drove 10 hours just to meet her. The breeder was looking to rehome Yeti as they already had two litters. From that day forward, Yeti was welcomed into Sarah’s life. 

Before adopting Yeti, Sarah had another cat, Oscar. Sadly, Oscar lost his brother at a young age. Upon meeting Yeti, he found himself becoming happier. Yeti provided Oscar with a companion, and she comforted him when he was stressed.  

Not only has Yeti helped her adoptive brother, but she has brought a new level of happiness into their home. Since adopting her, Sarah feels that there’s so much more love and excitement around them. No matter what’s going on, Yeti can always bring a bit of happiness to their day.  

Unfortunately, Yeti struggles with an oral condition where her tongue is always sticking out. Although this can be a challenge at times, it doesn’t stop her from enjoying some yummy food and treats whenever she wants! Sarah has learned about cat nutrition and alternatives to dry cat food as Yeti cannot properly eat this.  

After a long day, or simply just when wanting to relax, Yeti and Sarah enjoy settling down and watching a movie together. While her humans are watching movies, Yeti loves to curl up next to them and enjoy their company.  

The bond between Sarah and Yeti is very strong. Not only have they provided comfort for each other, but they have also learnt a lot. The love between them is obvious, simply just from how Yeti is always at her side.